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If you feel as though certain gems speak to you, you’re not imagining it. Since time began there has been an inextricable link between the souls of women, the sea, and the cosmos. The mysterious activations of the moon, the gravitational pull of the tides, the magnetism of the sky. It’s little wonder that for however long our physical forms separate us from the stars, that we’ll be drawn to their earthbound shadows in the form of gems and precious metals. That magic that ignites and solidifies in the deep soul of the earth, the jewels of incomprehensible pressure and intensity, giving birth to the rarest and most powerful beauty. Reflecting and refracting through and beyond us, bending time and light, memento and oracle, illuminating who we are with the glow of what we’ll become.

Delving deeper into this concept of sacred feminine jewel identities, we recently caught up with the alchemic minds behind Esqueleto, who created a series of wedding stacks, calling on a varietal of energies and aesthetics to mirror a brides identity. Alexis Adams of Esqueleto talks us through it….

1) The Orphicist
This totemic stack was created for the mystical soul, who is guided by cosmic knowledge and ancient wisdom. A high priestess of the purest vibrations, she is a deeply soulful and utterly captivating being. This collection of symbolic talismans achieves harmony by mixing potent diamond-encrusted baubles in magical shapes with richly textured bands. Diamonds with dark inclusions look like portals to another realm, an entire universe contained beneath their surfaces.

Top to bottom:
1. Lauren Wolf Jewelry – Three Stone Ring / Teardrop Dark Gray Rose Cut Diamond Ring 18k Gold
2. Polly Wales – Crystal Ring with Sapphires / White Sapphire Crystal Band cast-in-place 18k Gold
3. Satomi Kawakita – Diamond Arch Ring / Bridge Ring in 18k White Gold with White Diamonds
4. Lauren Wolf Jewelry – Gold Stingray Stack / Stingray Band in 14k Yellow Gold
5. Lauren Wolf Jewelry – Three Diamond Ring / Three-stone Ring with a Cloudy Gray Rose Cut Diamond Set in 18k Yellow Gold 

2) The Wild at Heart
This stack is for the gypsy, the nomadic soul who is guided by the light of the silver moon along the road less traveled. Imbued with the untamed essence of the serpent, ancient symbol of intuitive wisdom, she is fueled by an unquenchable wanderlust for far off lands and exotic experiences.The voyager’s spirit is expressed in this wild stack by pairing shimmering white gold with edgy black diamonds and animalistic sculpture. Enchanting vintage-style settings are updated for the modern warrior with claw-like prongs and cloudy diamonds.

Top to bottom:
1. Lauren Wolf Jewelry – Three Diamond Ring / Three Stone Ring in 18k White Gold with Salt & Pepper Diamond
2. Lauren Wolf Jewelry – White Gold Eternity Band / Pavé Black Diamond Band in 14k White Gold
3. Satomi Kawakita – Diamond Circle Ring / Bezel Set Rose Cut White Diamond Ring in 18k white gold
4. Anthony Lent – Silver Serpent Ring / Silver Serpent with Diamond Eyes

3) The Luxe Bohemian
This lavish stack was made for the bohemian spirit whose heart longs for inspired beauty. She has an artist’s eye for vividly creative pieces and a deep affinity for sumptuous materials, creating a rich tapestry that resonates with soulful luxury. To create this richly golden stack, pair glittering diamonds in unusual cuts, like the prismatic kite or antique baguette, with lush hand-hewn settings. Organic shapes and opulent textures combine to convey a profound appreciation for the artist’s hand.

Top to bottom:
1. Lauren Wolf Jewelry - Prism Ring / 18k Yellow Gold Ring with Three Diamonds
2. Polly Wales – Baguette Diamond Rapunzel Ring / 18k Gold cast-in-place Baguette Diamond Eternity Band
3. Satomi Kawakita – White Diamond Circle Eternity Band / Organic Circles Eternity Band White Diamonds in 18k Gold
4. Satomi Kawakita – Diamond Bridge Ring / Raised Bar Ring White Diamonds in 18k Gold
5. Rebecca Overmann – Marquise Eye Ring / 14k Matte Gold with Marquise White Diamond in Star Setting

4) The Dark Romantic
With all of the mystique of a black rose, this stack is for the woman with a gothic passion. Enraptured by the inky dark of night, she is a beguiling poet with an enchanting spirit and deeply emotive nature.For this stack, shadowy rose cut black diamonds mingle with delicate vintage treasures, all set in ultra-feminine rose gold. Add in a thorny prick from a pointed diamond stacking band to channel your inner femme fatale.

Top to bottom:
1. Vintage - Diamond Solitaire
2. Vintage - Vintage Three Diamond Ring
3. Katrina LaPenne – Old World Ring / Triple Rose Cut Black Diamond Old World Ring Set in 14k Rose Gold
4. Katrina LaPenne – Chamagne Diamond Archer Ring / Archer Band with champagne Diamonds in 18k Rose Gold

5) The Dreamer
There are those who believe the entire spectrum of light is contained within the myriad colors of precious opal. This stack is for just such an imaginative mind, the visionary creature who walks amongst the clouds. She is a woman who takes delight in the ephemeral, who floats with a dreamy lightness of being. A whimsical sensibility is indulged in this airy stack, which pairs whisper-thin golden bands with an otherworldly opal and a sprinkling of pavé diamonds.

Top to bottom:
1. WWAKE – Nested Opal Ring / Opal Solitaire Ring in 14k Gold
2. AILI - White Diamond Vivian Ring
3. Vintage - Vintage Six Diamond Band / Diamond Stacking Band in 14k White & Yellow Gold
4. AILI – Starry Night Circle Ring / pavé white diamond cup ring in 18k gold

Explore the full collection of stunning pieces available from Esqueleto and shop the stacks here

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