Inside the Evocative Walls of e.g.etal

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The name e.g.etal births intrigue...

Curious to write, interesting to say, and in latin, it means “for example, and others”. For the e.g.etal initiated it makes perfect sense, but then everything just does when you step inside their beyond-realm gallery boutique in Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Housing a curation of the finest contemporary jewellers Australia and New Zealand have to offer, it is an immersion of beauty, art and philosophy like no other. With over 60 jewellery artists and designers (and frequent international guest exhibitions) e.g.etal is a hallowed space cultivating the essence of contemporary jewellery for the creators and admirers alike. It stands in celebration of a practice defined by considered research, conceptual ingenuity, and intrepid technical diligence that challenges and delights, and looks to the past whilst forging into the future. 

For the bride, it is the north pole of fine jewellery. It almost feels as though you’ve stumbled upon the clandestine convening, or the secret hideout of the dream-weavers themselves, such is the ceremony of the creations inside. You feel acutely aware that you’re moving inside the minds and souls of brilliance, and that if you are present, the pieces will speak to you. One thing is for certain, you will find what you already love, and you will find things you had not yet conceived to love, within the evocative walls of e.g.etal.

We recently visited the boutique to experience the space for ourselves, to learn about the jewellery artists and designers represented, and to get up close and personal with the highly anticipated creations. We were thrilled to discover that well beyond the stunning fine jewellery offering for brides, is an endless array of mementos for fashion collectors and an impressive selection of mens designs (perfect for Christmas!). Step inside the gallery space and read our designer snapshot below of just a few of the avant garde artisans represented at e.g.etal (continued under gallery)


Rachel's jewellery draws inspiration from the natural world, particularly plants and floral motifs. The concept of ‘the garden’ underpins her work; not only as a space of visual stimuli but as a broader metaphor for the complexities of existence – the cycles of life and death, of beauty and decay. Rachel feels a quiet but persistent desire to create small objects that reflect the experiences one has in nature – the contemplations and revelations, the intricate patterns and details witnessed, the feelings evoked while staring up at the moon, the romance of picking a flower. She see this as a kind of meditation, a way to appreciate the beauty that exists, but also a way of acknowledging darkness, grief and sadness. The process of making becomes a bittersweet dialogue that honours what was, is loved, and lost.


Suzi’s work acts as both a study and a reinvention of the past. Her contemporary jewellery explores antiquity and the cultures, aesthetics and ideas that find a voice in history. This imagined history is a personal one, but these pieces do not exist in one particular time and place and thus draw attention to universal ideas. The handmade nature of the work and the considered simplicity of its forms and materials ultimately evoke a deeper meaning that exists in the relationship between man and what he makes, as significant now in contemporary culture as at any time in history.


Welfe’s designs are like lost heirlooms, something created centuries ago, now re-discovered. Their eroded forms allude to intricately designed geometries from an alternate history. Predominantly a self taught jeweller and obsessed with texture and materiality, jewellery allows him the perfect medium with which to conceptualise, experiment and create on a scale different to that of architecture. 


Amulets, talismans and fetishes influence Natalia’s work: our innate attraction to, and subsequent projection of belief, trust, power and ritual onto certain jewellery pieces and objects. As well as employing an eclectic range of materials and techniques in her contemporary jewellery, Natalia adopts an intuitive approach that embraces the serendipitous and the experimental. She is inspired by the animist notion that inanimate objects can be imbued with a spirit and she explores the relationship that we build with certain pieces of jewellery, as they become a point of reassurance and comfort, guidance and contemplation.


With an expert eye for space and composition, Krista maintains the two dimensionality of a drawing while creating organic shapes that are then inscribed with the markings of the hand made process. With an exquisite eye and skill at marrying the natural world with creative interpretation, her designs are curious contradictions of beauty. Krista enjoys the process and meanings that come from leaving on a metal surface. Tiny gems often glisten on the surface of a piece, many of which form the beginning of stories: a night sky, a hidden treasure, a romance…

View more of the artists and collections online, and shop the extensive e-boutique (in time for Christmas!) here

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