5 ways to avoid tourist cliches by booking your Maldives honeymoon with a travel specialist

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The Maldives and it’s dreamy collection of white sand islands dotted through azure seas have become synonymous with honeymoon escapes or destination weddings. But like any coveted travel destination, the difference between a beautifully authentic escape and a cookie cutter holiday lies in the details. With over 1100 islands to choose from, on your rare week of downtime carved out of an overwhelming work schedule, you want to make sure you get it right. And while there’s a plethora of information available to you on the internet, why sift through when you can enlist a specialist to do it for you. And do a much better job than you could ever do yourself.

With pending plans to shoot a LANE editorial in the Maldives, we had the chance to chat with renowned travel specialist Di Lechner from Addicted to Maldives who divulged her local knowledge, plus the ins and outs of booking a trip to this breathtaking destination. Our top 5 reasons to use a travel specialist and avoid all of the tourist traps and cliches...

1. A chance to think about the type of experience you want to have, not just the destination. While normally we all dive right into booking accommodation based on little more than aesthetics alone allured by every over water bungalow we stumble across on Pinterest, during a consultation you have the chance to think in detail about the type of travel experience you want to have. Similarly to wedding planning, we always advise couples to think about how they want to feel at the end of the night leaving their reception and work backwards from there making decisions that will lead to that mindset. A consultation with Addicted to Maldives is the perfect chance to make sure you return from your vacation, honeymoon or destination wedding having experienced everything that’s most important; indulgence and relaxation, an adventurous escape filled with experience or something low key and completely authentic.

2. Help finding the perfect island and resort. There are so many things to discover about The Maldives that a Google search won’t reveal. There are over 1100 different island and a myriad of resorts to choose from. A travel specialist has intricate, local knowledge of every detail so that they can tailor an experience to suit you. They’ll know which resorts offer the best dining experiences, the differences between over water bungalow options that all seem overwhelmingly beautiful, higher quality spas, which islands are better for surfing and other water sports for the more adventurous at heart.

3. They take the headache out of flights and transfers. A remote destination like the Maldives requires multiple flights and transfers which a specialist knows like the back of their hand. They’ll direct you through the best airport and coordinate everything perfectly to ensure you spend your holiday on the island, not on an overnight layover. They’ll time your seaplane to make sure you get the best views over the islands - a breathtaking experience you don’t want to miss because of a night flight in!

4. Luxe for less. A specialist will help you get the best rates and value for the money you spend. Think early bird booking offers, free nights, complimentary upgrades. And when you book through Addicted to Maldives, VIP amenities, free spa treatments or sunset cruises over the Indian Ocean.

5. Bespoke travel experiences vs cookie cutter tourist holidays. With coveted honeymoon destination destinations comes unfortunate travel cliches. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re having an identical experience to every other couple who have visited before you. Travel is about discovery, an expansion of mind, a chance to escape and be inspired… and you want to make sure that your travel experience is designed to suit who you are as a couple. Di Lechner pointed out just a few of the many options you can have organised that come from years of knowledge working on the islands. And it's these little details that become the bigger things etched in your mind after you leave. An escape to remote private islands you could never find on your own, a picnic or seafood lunch on a sandbank accessibly only by boat, cocktails on the piano deck at BAROS (a timber platform shaped like a piano in the middle of a stunning lagoon surrounded by billowing white flags, Whale Shark encounters for the more adventurous souls, or water sports for the groomsmen who can’t sit still after a few days lounging at the resort. A specialist can completely organise your schedule so you don’t have to think about a thing once you arrive.

For more info about planning your destination wedding or honeymoon in the Maldives, visit Addicted to Maldives, who we can’t recommend highly enough to make sure you leave with the kind of holiday escape you envisioned, completely designed around you.

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