5 Ways To Invite Your Bridesmaids

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5 Ways To Invite Your Bridesmaids
5 Ways To Invite Your Bridesmaids

The women who know you better than you know yourself. The souls who you connect with on an entirely different level. Those who inspired you beyond words. There are many people and friendships we’ll encounter in this lifetime, but there are a special few you're drawn to, who forever hold a special place in your heart. Choosing the women who you want by your side on one of the most important days of your life is an instinctual decision, and a beautiful moment that deserves to be celebrated.

For the free spirited bohemians, the artistic souls, the wild hearts, the celestial inspired, or those drawn to the sea, we’ve put together 5 creative ways to invite your bridesmaids and celebrate the moment together… 

1. A Languid lunch by the sea

Start with a hand penned invitation on textured card with deckled edging, and a personal note for each of your bridesmaids, inviting them to celebrate over a languid lunch by the sea.

If styling the tablescape yourself, choose a beautifully timeworn wooden table and accent with simple styling inspired by its undulating tides and oceanic textures. Keep the styling understated by choosing a beautifully textured base, or billowing, raw textured linen spilling onto the ground, and one bold element through the centre (cascading candles, piles of interesting shells or coral woven with pillar candles) and finishing with decor and place settings that mirror the shapeshifting nature of the ocean and create flow. Think loosely draped raw silk napkins, handmade ceramics in organic shapes, champagne and water glasses in fluid shapes, iridescent shells, mother of pearl cutlery.  

Finish the tablescape with personally chosen gifts for your bridesmaids, evocative of the ethereal mood of the sea. Think iridescent pearls, silver jewelry in organic shapes, or ethereal moonstones. 

2. A Floral Styling Workshop

For the artistically inclined, we love the idea of a floral styling workshop to celebrate a pending Spring wedding with your girlfriends. Choose a florist whose style resonates with your own (from wildly unstructured bohemian arrangements, artfully sculptured blooms evocative of Dutch Master Paintings for the classicists at heart, or chic modern florals in unexpected vessels)

Hand pen invitations detailing info about the day and a dress code of breezy, ethereal dresses. Organize perfumed, botanical infused cocktails, a dreamy soundtrack and learn the creative process of arranging blooms for your own wedding or home. 

Arrange a setting for each of your bridesmaids with florist scissors, a vessel for their arrangement, a botanical inspired cocktail glass and a personal note and gift. We love the idea of rose gold jewels as a reminder of the day, to be worn against clashing floral print bridesmaids in faded tones. 

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3. A Celestial Night Under The Stars

For those with an affinity for the night, celebrate with a celestial inspired dinner or picnic under a canopy of stars. 

Set up a relaxed dinner overflowing with champagne, under the stars or choose a restaurant with a beautiful vantage point for magical views. 

Exchange handwritten notes washed in inky midnight hues divulging your favourite moments shared with each one of your bridesmaids, before gifting richly symbolic, celestial jewels to be worn on your wedding day. Think iridescent moonstones, mercurial silvers and dark onyx. 

Sip champagne from crystal cut glassware under a celestial night sky, soaking up a moment to pause and reflect, before setting intentions for life that’s about to unfold. 

4. A Bohemian Beach Picnic

For the bohemians at heart, celebrate barefoot on the sand over a relaxed beach picnic with your most loved group of girlfriends 

Invite your bridesmaids to a relaxed day in the sun at your favourite secluded beach. Drape billowing windswept linen over driftwood structures, and sit on white fringed rugs with oversized day bed cushions, drawing on a natural palette of the pale sea. 

Pack canapes or fresh seafood displayed on whitewashed wood and organically shaped ceramics, sip summer inspired cocktails, dreaming up plans for your wedding day as lazy afternoons segues into dusk. 

Gift your bridesmaids bohemian inspired jewels in muted tones and silvery settings, to be worn with beautifully nonchalant slip gowns on your wedding day. 

5. City Weekend Escape

Pack for a spontaneous weekend away and wildly celebratory night out in the city with your bridesmaids. Check in to a luxurious suite with magical skyline views, sip on martinis, and listen to our cocktail hour playlist to take you through twilight hours before heading out to your favourite bars. 

Surprise your bridesmaids with gilded jewels that will forever remain reminders of the night and can double as pieces to be paired against darkly decadent bridesmaid dresses.

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