Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement

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 Creative Ways To Announce Your Engagement
Creative Ways To Announce Your Engagement

As we reflect on the passing of time, we think not of frivolous exchanges and superfluous details, but of intimate moments charged with emotion. Unapologetically raw and naturally organic, these are the moments we love, treasured memories forever preserved and habitually remembered. Perpetually searching for meaning in a world increasingly ruled by the smoke and mirrors of social media, we love reimagining mediated exchanges through a personal lens. We’re allured by the magic of letter writing and telephone calls, of face-to-face meetings and spontaneous rendezvous. When announcing your engagement, consider opting for personal interactions and intimate get-togethers. Join with your inner circle to revel your news, while the rest of the world is kept waiting.

From simple keepsakes to grand celebrations, we’ve collated our top four creative ways to infuse your big revelation with a personalized spirit.  

A twilight celebration with your nearest and dearest 

There’s nothing better than nights spent surrounded by those you love. We’re dreaming of intimate restaurants, with long tables and bench seats. Guests nestled together as they clink glasses of rosé and laugh over grazing boards of antipasto and French cheese. Think plush furnishings and mood lighting, delectable meals and your favorite company. When choosing your venue, select somewhere with a relaxed vibe, where there’s room to move and personable service. Our pick is Bar Machievelli in Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay, where projected installations and sumptuous cocktails provide a perfect setting for your big announcement.

For a more familiar setting, host your guests in your own home. Think outdoor feasts, star-filled nights, Moroccan floor cushions and fragrant gardens strewn with glowing lanterns. Keep stress to a minimum and call in a caterer who can work with you on curating a menu that suits the occasion. We love Cris Feldens’ relaxed aesthetic and expertly executed informal dishes, where the flavors are rich and guests can help themselves.

Photoshoots with a difference

Refreshing the concept of an engagement photoshoot, we love the idea of infusing your session with personal energy. Use imagery that reflects your personal story and collective aesthetic. Intimate shots that are overflowing with emotion and the focus is on your relationship rather than your ring. Forever searching for fresh inspiration and new ideas, we love Janneke Storm’s signature spin on engagement shoots. With a unique aesthetic, Janneke shoots in unexpected locations with beautiful props (think couples draped in fairy lights or clutching the reins of a horse). With a focus on unspoken words of emotion, we love her evocative shots of lingering looks through curled lashes, of unfiltered romance and honest feelings.

For a spin on classic engagement photography, we love minimalist shoots featuring your ring in unexpected ways. Think a hand draped over a shoulder or around a waist, bare frames with dappled light filtered through foliage or gently rippling water. These are shots to treasure, perfect accompaniments to your social media announcements as well as images to frame, forever loved throughout the years.

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Personalized mementos  

Proposals are inherently intimate moments, precious exchanges charged with emotion. When sharing your news, we love personal exchanges between the closest of friends and family, excited telephone calls and impromptu house visits. To preserve that moment, look for tangible ways to share your news, mementos that can be treasured alongside the memories. We love the notion of handwritten notes on beautiful stationary, where messages are personal and each word is heartfelt. Take your loved ones on a journey and pen yours as a story, beginning as your day started and ending with the proposal itself, and they’ll feel as if they were right there with you. Draw inspiration from some of our favorites, Mon Voir and Nice Plume, with scrawling calligraphy that curves and flows, each curl and stroke transforming your note into a work of art. For added sentiment, include a memento from the day itself, think pressed flowers and iridescent sea shells, a page of a menu or a recording of a song.

Statement events

Of course, nothing quite beats an engagement party. Those wild nights of revelry and debauchery that you forever want to relive. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your wider circle of friends and family, and acts as a precursor for you wedding. For something a little different, rent a striking property in an isolated location, mix cocktails and prepare for a night spent dancing under the stars. For more mellow affairs, take a handful of your closest friends and escape for a weekend, camping on beaches or splurging on spa retreats, a private oasis for your nearest and dearest.

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