Destination Wedding Photography

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Destination Wedding Photography
Destination Wedding Photography

All too often we see couples invest in an incredible destination wedding, an event that is so impossibly beautiful, only to be left witih no photographs that truly do it justice or capture the incredible setting in a way that feels real. Scenic wedding photography when captured with a candid honesty in the right hands, should read like a soulful sequence of storytelling, imagery of dramatic beauty that draws you in, framing a wild setting of skies and infinite horizons; photographs that are as breathtakingly beautiful as their location.

Stylistically, such photos can be a diverse mix of the good, the bad and the particularly bad (think eighties flashbacks to a couple posing under a weeping willow tree…by a lake). The distinction is important as great scenic photography is not to be confused with a nice portrait taken against a nice view - instead, it captures a kind of scenic drama, a sense of the majestic, revealing the essence of the setting and the atmosphere of what it was to be there, all interwoven with an editorial like flair for capturing people against such settings.

Whether you are travelling to an incredible destination, or your wedding is somewhere visually spectacular close to home, we recommend selecting a photographer who will utilise beautiful natural scenery to best effect (doing away with props or cheesy photobooths, instead embracing a natural background as the most effortless backdrop).

Couples often fall into the trap of selecting a local photographer, conveniently based at their destination, but who doesn't necessarily embody the style of storytelling required, or do justice to the location. Although on paper this may appear a more affordable option, if becomes false economy if the result is a selection of cliche photographs you're then stuck with for a lifetime. Often with destination photography package deals comes over saturated lighting, cheesy lean back into a dramatic kiss shots, a photographers logo plastered onto the bottom of your images, bridal party frames that look like a bad Toyota ad, soft glamour blurs and a wedding album that looks exactly the same as the couple who got married at the same location before you. With so many photographers open to travelling for destination weddings, consider basing your selection on a genuine love of a photographers work, then enquiring about flying them to you (not always as crazy or expensive as it may seem - particularly when it’s your photographs you are left with at the end of the day). Unlike a local photographer, who may have shot countless weddings in that exact venue or setting (and who will likely work their way through a standard list of shots, perfect for a wedding tourism catalogue!),  the fresh eyes offered by a photographer you truly love, will lend a completely unique take on the setting and your personal story of that day. 

Offering imaginative framing, dramatic compositions, subtle plays between light and shadow and most importantly, honest images that allow the setting to speak for itself…these are the hallmarks of a brilliant photographer who won't just rely on the background alone, but rather enhance, utilise and magnify its potency through the lens.

When researching your wedding photographer, consider not only the location and logistics, but the type of photography you love. Each photographer has a distinctive style, as unique as handwriting. For wedding photography in particular try to look past the 'wedding's they have captured (they're not your wedding!) and look instead at the framing, the composition, the light, the mood, the expressiveness…and of course…if it's incredible scenic imagery you're seeking, look for beautiful examples of that too. You can find our selection of hand picked, favourite photographers (based all over the world) in The LANE Directory, as well as a selection of hand picked inspiring images in the gallery below.

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