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Creative Pursuits
Creative Pursuits

For anyone planning a bachelorette party for a remotely creative group of ladies or an artistically inclined bride-to-be, we love the idea of doing away with the debauchery of endless drinking and instead celebrating her upcoming nuptials with beautifully creative pursuits. Engaging, completely unexpected, practical, fun and more imaginative than dancing men scantily clothed, we’re secretly hoping to be invited to just such a celebration ourselves! 

For a foodie bride why not consider a cake making and decorating class…any afternoon that ends with champagne and slices of a beautiful cake you've had the pleasure of making yourself sounds pretty dreamy to us. Plus, it’s inclusive (& apropriate!) for any female relatives like mums and grandmas, younger cousins and aunts invited along. Alternatively, a floral styling workshop is a sensory dream and a beautifully perfumed way to while away an afternoon, ending in a creative mess of petals and new found skills.

The artistically inclined may love something tactile and crafty such as shibori dying, weaving or macrame…ancient skills re-imagined in a fun setting led by modern women making textile magic. And for the tactile goodness of paper, consider a calligraphy or watercolour workshop…you might like to each pen a special note or letter of love and well wishes to the beautiful bride to be, with the skills honed on the day itself.

Whichever creative pursuit you opt for, be sure to weave in a delicious meal to finish, some champagne throughout and a designated photographer to document all the fun (which we love to the idea of having curated into an album for the bride to keep afterwards!). 

Workshops, Classes & Creative Ideas
Weaving Class / Maryanne Moodie / New York City - United States
Flower Styling / Flower Girl NYC / New York City - United States
Watercolour & Calligraphy Workshops
/ Mon Voir / California - United States
Calligraphy Workshop / Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls / United States & On Tour
Makeup Master Class / Mecca Cosmetica / Australia
Watercolour Workshop / Cass Deller / Sunshine Coast - Australia
Floral Styling Workshop
/ Primula / Byron Bay to Brisbane - Australia
Fresh Floral Crown Workshop / My Flowerhouse / Melbourne - Australia
Tapestry Weaving / Koskela / Sydney - Australia
Shibori Workshops / Shibori / Sydney - Australia
Cake Making & Decorating / Gillian Bell / Brisbane - Australia
Macrame Wallhanging Workshop / Natalie Millier / Melbourne - Australia
Flower Styling / Lu Diamond / Auckland - New Zealand

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