The LANE List: Los Angeles Wedding Catering

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The LANE List: Los Angeles Wedding Catering
The LANE List: Los Angeles Wedding Catering

Intoxicating, evocative and infused with West Coast beauty, Los Angeles is palm-fringed sidewalks and pink-washed sunsets, beachside promenades and modernist architecture. With a food culture inspired by perpetual progression and creative innovation, LA serves up refined simplicity and organic goodness. Think twilight ceremonies in manicured gardens, where strings of lights drape from trees and guests sip herb-infused spritzers. When it comes to wedding catering, expect fresh produce and beautiful plating, a culinary celebration of place, space and quintessential LA living.    

We’ve compiled our top selections of LA caterers, from fine dining to casual affairs; think celebrity chefs and classic flavors where the food is fresh and the flavors inspired:

Carmelized Productions

They’ve graced the covers of magazines, catered New York Fashion week and produced a line of shoes in collaboration with Vans. Now Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (of Jon & Vinny’s, Animal, and Son of a Gun) will cater your wedding. Think Californian-Italian, a fusion of their own invention where traditional Italian flavors are reimagined with Californian produce and ingredients. These celebrity chefs have created an homage to Nonnas, where simple Italian cuisine is infused with LA cool.

Room Forty 

Committed to redefining catering, LA institution Room Forty is our favorite for palatial meals that are a feast for the eyes. Thoughtful, innovative and seasonal, expect superior food that fundamentally challenges the industry’s existing paradigm.  A restaurant without walls, Room Forty delivers refined and experimental food, so artfully plated that each creation wouldn’t be amiss in the halls of MOCA. Offering wine pairings and craft cocktails, this is a complete culinary experience. A sensory journey of flavors, colors and textures that stays with you long after the last dance.

Heirloom LA

We love Heirloom LA for food with integrity. Devoutly organic and irresistibly delicious, Heirloom are heavily involved in community outreach and are staunchly opposed to factory farming. We love Heirloom for tailored service and accessible catering. Think exciting menus produced with the client in mind, where personal catering assistants help brides plan and budget their catering.


Based in a whimsical storefront behind a pink tabebuia tree, LA institution Sqirl churns out delicious concoctions of pillow-soft Valhrona fleur de sel cookies and crystalized malva pudding cakes. Beginning as a preserve company and growing into service and catering, think wildly imaginative dishes and unexpected flavors. Encompassing the fluidity of the Los Angeles spirit, Sqirl is resolutely of-the-moment, while remaining anchored to something deeper. Perfect for minimalist receptions in warehouses and art galleries, laid-back soirees on rooftops and lavish penthouse ceremonies.

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Woah Nelly! Catering

Slow-roasted wild salmon and marinated heirloom peppers, steamed Maine lobster tails and bruléed marshmallows - Woah Nelly! Catering is a celebration of fresh produce and local farming. With bespoke menus individually designed for each event, plates dance with vibrant colors and rich flavors. Organic, sustainable and utterly intoxicating, sit-down dinners are interspersed with late-night snacks and dessert bars. Inspired by mornings spent foraging farmers’ markets, Woah Nelly! is LA on a plate.

Crossroads Kitchen 

Unafraid to forge their own path, Crossroads was LA’s first plant-based restaurant to offer a full bar with an inspired cocktail program. Forget typical vegan establishments, Crossroads is veganism gone luxe, a delectable homage to sustainability and ethical eating. Bringing the same approach to their catering extension, we love Crossroads’ kitchen for their plant-based goodness, for delicious, upscale food that’s good for the soul.

Taste of Pace

Offering an elevated farm-to-table experience, Taste of Pace are our go-to for humble fine dining. Meals are prepared with freshly procured produce and menus constantly change to reflect the best of what’s available, showcasing seasonal produce and local flavors. The go-to caterers for celebrity events and charity functions, Taste of Pace offer customizable menus, collated to reflect personal visions and individual aspirations.


From beginnings as an underground speakeasy, Pharmacie LA offer bespoke cocktail services for discerning clients. With cocktails infused with the allure of the 1920’s, we love Pharmacie for unexpected twists and exciting innovations. Think gin-spiked drinks with smoked cinnamon and Aperol mixed with basil and grapefruit, bourbon and honey, tequila and thyme, or vermouth and lavender. Beautifully presented and perfectly mixed, Pharmacie offers original cocktails with sensations that linger.

Urban Palate 

Romanced by creative food and inspiring flavors, Urban Palate is our go-to for boutique catering that creates a story. Believing food should reflect the dreams and personalities of couples, expect alluring flavors and wild ideas, traditional meals reimagined and reinvigorated. Inspired by the farms, creameries and vineyards that supply their ingredients, Urban Palate has us dreaming of ceremonies held on terraces overlooking sprawling country estates, where waiters carry trays laden with grilled peach and duck confit and guests never want to leave.

Botegga Louie

For delicacies reminiscent of dreamy French patisseries and Italian pasticcerias, we’re forever lusting over Botegga Louie. With an Instagram feed you won’t be able to look away from, we love Botegga Louie for desserts that look as good as they taste. Imagine dessert bars overflowing with sumptuous pastries in delicate hues of pink and red, earl grey macarons, mini éclairs, lemon cream tarts and raspberry infused chocolate mousse.

24 Carrots

With a mission to create and inspire, 24 Carrots deliver exceptional food and delicious flavors. Taking the time to get to know their clients, we love 24 Carrots for menus that are indicative of the couple. In-house event managers and stylists assist in simplifying the wedding planning process, producing beautiful events without the stress.

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