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Sally & Robert by Lauren Balingit
Sally & Robert by Lauren Balingit

Seldom do we see anniversary shoots that resemble the aesthetic beauty reflective of a styled shoot whilst portraying the raw elements of an everlasting bond. Ethereal in a voluminous Emily Riggs skirt, hinting at sensual femininity against Big Sur's spiritually poignant coastline Lauren Balingit beautifully captures Sally & Robert's Californian anniversary..

Words from Sally:

So mighty is the water that crashes against the beautiful California coast. The beauty of my marriage with Robert reminds me of these deeper waters as we got married in a whirlwind of 3 months and lived from city to city: New York City, Miami, Washington and now California. Home, was each other. The gentle yet strong heart of Robert anchored us as we traveled and lived out our dream together. This dream has been nothing more than to live fully and love deeply. Our fuel was and continues to be our love and passion for life. Through the waves of seasons we had in each city, we were able to continue to grow and intertwine our souls to one another. 

The sky over us dimmed golden. Feathered wings soared high above. The wind embraced us. And it was just us and the magnificence of the coast. Lauren Balingit captured us ever so perfectly and made a way for us to remember our journey and the love that braved through many changes. From the first day we met and fell in love to now, I see a changed man; and I a changed woman. I believe love isn’t merely planted or stagnant. I believe love changes, grows, and motivates all the fragments of a person to come together and be made whole, together.”

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