Egyptian Elopement

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Sebastian & Petra by Lelia Scarfiotti
Sebastian & Petra by Lelia Scarfiotti

There is a magic buried in ancient cities and far flung destinations. Stories woven into hidden corners and forgotten structures, crumbling walls and moss covered stones revealing the secrets of centuries past. We’re allured to the romance of weddings held abroad, of spontaneous trips and intrepid travels, of elopements infused with the discovery of place and self.

Set in ancient Kasbah’s in sunset hues, Sebastian and Petra’s Egyptian elopement has us enthralled. Adorned in a luminous Amber Chloe creation and shot by LANE favorite Lelia Scarfiotti, lose yourself in wild beauty and timeless stories, the magic of elopement and the allure of romance without limits...

Words, styling and florals by Fluida Design.

A palace located on the West Bank of the Nile, Al Moudria is a hidden oasis of vaulted ceilings and regal arches. Sumptuously decorated with the work of artisans of the Orient, walls are adorned with Pharaonic murals and Syrian frames, ancient lattice work sheaths windows and century old columns support intricately decorated ceilings.

Sebastian and Petra met within the hotel’s grounds, he a novel writer searching for inspiration, she a ceramist from Luxor, creating tiles to adorn the hotel’s floors. Their story began over a sunset drink in the hotel’s antique moucharabieh. The pair lingered beneath enchanting lights and lounged on sofas and kelims, their conversation soundtracked to the sounds of water falling from fountains. From this moment unraveled a tale of wild romance and perpetual travels, Sebastian and Petra journeying from the Orient and Europe until the day he proposed.

Their elopement took place where their story began, an elaborate ceremony inside the palatial grounds of Al Moudria. Loosing themselves in the romance of the space, Sebastian and Petra drew inspiration from their surrounds, finding magic in fountains hidden behind corners and climbing wood windows.

Styling was location appropriate and décor locally sourced, making use of the hotel’s collection of hidden treasures discovered in antique markets or handcrafted by Egyptian artisans. Bouquet foliage was foraged from fields around the resort, plucked as villagers partook in evening prayers from locals Minarets.

Styling was kept undone and purposefully wild. Driven by the emotion of their travels and the mystic of Egypt, feathered flowers laid atop flowing textures sumptuously layered. Brass plating and antique candelabras provided restrained glimmer, gilded details reminiscent of treasures buried beneath sand.

Petra was adorned in a lustrous creation by Amber Chloe. A hand beaded creation which shimmered in the moonlight, recalling arabesque draws and incandescent horizons.

This was an elopement that epitomized the couple, a manifestation of their story, a history inextricable from the place it began. It was an elopement driven by the romance of discovery, of fortuitous meetings and secrets revealed. Perpetually unique and forever their own, inspired by desert houses and smoldering fire pits, of sugar cane flowers and lemon trees, and white bougainvillea endlessly entwined…  

VENUE: Al Moudira Hotel

DRESS: Amber Chloe

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lelia Scarfiotti


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