Tiffany Love Story

— Hannah & Aaron

Tiffany Love Stories
Tiffany Love Stories

I believe in love at first sight. But I will always believe that the people we love we have loved before. Many, many, many times before. And when we stumble through grace & circumstance and that brilliant illusion of choice to finally meet them again, we feel it faster each time through. That one glance that set life alight is two sets of eyes staring through the layers of lifetimes and stolen glances and first kisses and hands held; the brace against the weight and unrelenting tide of waiting. I believe in love at first sight but am not burdened with the misconception that it's a first sight at all. 

- Tyler Knott Gregson

As a website centred largely around weddings, love stories are something we're surrounded by everyday.  There are myriad ways we hear about couples finding true love, amazing experiences that have shaped & define their relationship; epic love stories about how two individuals have come together. 

And then every now and again we come across couples with a connection so raw and real, it truly takes your breath away. Hannah & Aaron were one of these couples. With a soulful connection so evident in the beautiful engagement story and pictures they submitted to us, we thought they would be the perfect couple to interview for our Tiffany Love Stories series.

Captivated by a pretty girl working across from him in their local shopping centre, Aaron assured his manager he would marry Hannah one day. Stolen glances, wandering thoughts, coffee dates & spontaneous adventures; Hannah & Aaron shared a magical connection. After endless summers spent together, Aaron decided to fly to LA & set up a surprise proposal for Hannah while she was returning from an overseas holiday. Aaron was in the arrival hall holding a giant sign saying 'Will You Marry Me?' which he handmade, individually cutting out hundreds of words that were most meaningful to them. Afterwards the couple searched for the perfect Tiffany & Co engagement ring that Hannah had her heart set on!

To celebrate Tiffany & Co Bridal Month, we thought we would whisk Hannah & Aaron away for a romantic weekend away in Melbourne (staying at the luxe Park Hyatt Hotel!)  for a Love Story shoot at the Tiffany & Co boutique, where a Tiffany horse and cart which was set up in front of the store. 

These beautifully emotive photographs captured by talented Joseph Willis speak volumes about the amazing connection these two share; a love story symbolised by a Tiffany & Co engagement ring.

Jewellery Tiffany & Co Round Brilliant Ribbon RingDiamonds by the Yard Bracelet & Diamonds by the Yard Earrings / PhotographyJoseph Willis / Styling Tane Meiring / Art Direction Karissa Fanning / Hair & Makeup Karissa McLaren

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