5 Ways to Create a Magical Reception

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Tips for Creating a Magical Mood
Tips for Creating a Magical Mood

On paper, a wedding, by its very nature should cast a pretty magical mood. After all, it’s a celebration of immense love, one in which you’re surrounded by all of your favourite friends and family, coupled with great food, music, love, laughter and mood lighting. But all too often, thanks to quite straightforward logistical oversights, there’s a little magic missing…. 

You know those weddings, they’re the ones where no one’s gravitating towards the dance floor, no one is mingling and guests leave early…a combination of commonly overlooked (or underestimated) components that collectively, make all the different between a memorably magic event and one that falls a bit flat. Small but significant, the devil is most definitely in the details.  Our advice? Don’t leave it to chance on the night! There are so many things you can do in the pre-planning stages to make sure everyone has an incredible time, and it's all about the flow of an event. A little bit of forward planning will make for a party that feels that much more effortless in the moment, and one that is remembered for all the right reasons!

A few things that are an absolute must: 

Make sure lights are moodily dim over a dance floor…we guarantee no one wants to start dancing under super bright fluorescent lighting. Similarly, use clever and beautiful lighting an an aerial way of defining different spaces, and moods. A perimeter of bare bulb festoon garlands to define the dancefloor permiter, or a cluster of dimly lit lanterns suspended moon like over lounge areas. For an entirely magical mood, a net of fairy lights forming a virtual, luminous ceiling feels otherworldly.

Consider the type of music to play at appropriate times. Music has such a powerful way of influencing the energy and mood of an event. If you're not 100% confident, consult a professional…the benefits of a (great, non-cheesy) DJ is that they can read and respond to a crowd with changes of music. 

If you're creating your own playlist make sure you create music for:
- Pre-Ceremony
- Your Wedding Songs "Ceremony Aisle Song / Registry Signing Song / First Dance"
- Post Ceremony
- Reception Dinner
- Reception Dance Floor

Room Layout / Furniture Positioning 
Furniture & decor placement is not just about aesthetics, it's important to carefully consider & strategically place decor in a way that directs guests & controls where traffic will flow, where you want guests to mingle etc. As a rule of thumb, guests will always gravitate to a bar, so position this near the dance floor (but not too close obviously!) or near a lounge space you've created. 

Think about your table positioning. Round tables are the most conducive to entire table conversation, but can be the trickiest to layout. Long banquet tables are spectacular and can serve as a device to partition a big space. Which ever you opt for, make sure there is enough room for guests to move between tables, and that they’re positioned in a way that any guests who lingers after dinner (possibly over dessert) isn’t excluded too much from the festivities to follow. A horseshoe configuration of long tables around a central dance floor is a perfect format for this, otherwise arrange tables within inclusive eyesight of reception revelry.  

Fill your Space 
There's nothing worse than an awkwardly empty room. Make sure your rooms feel cosy to get people mingling. Choose a space that works well with the number of guests you have and the furniture available or brought in. Make sure guests aren't spread out scarcely throughout a large venue or that key areas such are the bar, lounge and dance floor, are positioned too far apart.

Try and hold your speeches early into the night. There is such a shift in mood after wedding speeches take place, acting as the perfect ice breaker where guests are emotively moved, feel connected, have been introduced to one another, and ready to party. The often conclude the ‘formalities’ of the evening, heralding the start of reception revelry.

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