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Found your reception space, and unsure about which part of the planning process to delve into next? One of the key decor elements that controls the overall ambience of your event, and determines the type of decor you need to order, is the shape of your tables.  Not only do the way your tables are arranged help define your space and the aesthetic, they are the facilitator for communication amongst your guests. A perfect table layout suited to your particular venue and style of event will ensure conversation flows smoothly and guests are encouranged to mingle. See our guide to choosing the right table arrangement for your wedding reception... 

The round table offers a classic and timeless feel. Socializing is made easy for guests as there are no hard sides to the table. Round tables are often better suited to a grand scale venue or an outdoor as they tend to take up more room. Always allow sufficient breathing room between each table allowing guests to move comfortably around the room and be sure to not sit more than 12 guests at a round table as the feeling of intimacy and ease of conversation will be lost. The classic wishbone chair is the perfect compliment to a round table, the curve of the chair adds a certain elegance to this style of dining.

Square tables lend themselves to a more contemporary look. Seating 8 guests comfortably, square tables allow guests to be able to chat easily with everyone. The straight edges of the tables allow guests to manoeuvre around the venue with ease, and can be set up methodically, saving space for important elements such as the dance floor! Consider low floral centerpieces or a cluster of pre melted cathedral candles of different heights so guests can chat freely across the table. 

Our personal favorite! The communal table feels personal and intimate (and allows for a lot of creativity with centrepiece decor). Guests are seated close together and conversation between immediate neighbours flows freely. Although you may not be able to chat to everyone on the table, this style allows you to look down the line and still see all the guests faces. Numbers are limitless with this style. A single dramatic table creates a stunning impact within a reception space, or a number of tables in long lines creates an informal community atmosphere. Seat the bridal party in the middle or mixed amongst the guests for an relaxed celebration. Bench seating completes an informal atmosphere or beautiful bentwood chairs can translate across a number of styles.

The u-shape creates the perfect setting for a large guest list, an enclosed courtyard (think Italian villa) or outdoor reception. Seat the bridal table at the top and guests down either side, or alternatively have the bridal party sporadically mixed amongst the guest for an informal atmosphere. The open space inside creates the perfect dance floor and allows guests to move around and mingle during dinner.

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