The LANE List: Los Angeles Wedding Venues

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The LANE List: LA Wedding Venues
The LANE List: LA Wedding Venues

When planning a wedding, selecting a venue is often the first (and perhaps most important!) stylistic decision you’ll make. Charged with housing your celebrations for the entirety of your wedding, your choice in venue will immediately set the mood and create an atmosphere. For those looking to wed in Los Angeles, venue options are as varied as the city itself. From the luxurious lifestyles of Beverly Hills to the creative visionaries in the Arts District, look for venues that speak to you and your individual aesthetics.

With the help of industry leading wedding planner Jolene Peterson (of Laurel and Rose), we’ve scoured the city to collate our favorite venues for LA weddings. Think beachside cafes and penthouse suites; industrious warehouses and luxurious hotel bars that encapsulate the oppositional nature of Los Angeles as a city.

Wayfarers Chapel

A clifftop chapel overlooking the inky tides of the Pacific, Wayfarers Chapel is a space infused with ethereal spirituality. Perfect for celestial inspired ceremonies, the chapel is encased entirely in glass, offering panoramic views of the skies above. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son in 1951, Wayfarers is an architectural representation of the harmony between nature and self, and a celebration of mind, body and spirit.

See also: Vibiana


Set on the sprawling rooftop of The Line Hotel, Commissary is a greenhouse with views across the Koreatown skyline. A glass shell filled with plants climb up the walls and hang from ceilings, Commissary is a sanctuary of green hidden in the heart of the city.

With doors that open onto the adjacent pool, we love Commissary for nights beneath the stars, where guests mingle on the deck and sip glasses of freshly mixed pimms.

See also: Catch LA / Inn of the Seventh Ray

Mardi Restaurant at Palihouse

A French-inspired restaurant that sits at the bottom of the Palihouse in West Hollywood, Mardi is our go-to for elegant weddings that are effortlessly chic. An alfresco terrace with tiled floors and fringed awnings, Mardi has us dreaming of idle afternoons in Parisian cafes. Keep styling to a minimum and work with neutral palettes and luxury finishes, small details that perfectly complement the Mardi aesthetic.

See also: The Beverly Hills Hotel / The Fig House / A.O.C Wine Bar

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Ace Gallery

Founded in 1961, the Ace Gallery is an expansive space that mixes emerging art with works from the likes of Warhol and Mapplethorpe. A celebration of sleek minimalism with concrete floors and white walls, the gallery is perfect for ceremonies styled with lush foliage and structural blooms. Draw inspiration from the collection of contemporary art and keep styling distinctively modern; think brass finishes and sleek surfaces, monochromatic palettes livened with strategic pops of soft color.

See also: MaRS Gallery

Malibu Rocky Oaks

Set atop vineyards that wind their way up the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu Rocky Oaks is a sprawling estate that overlooks the city. A family-owned villa that makes wine cultivated from volcanic soil, Malibu Rocky Oaks is our pick for Tuscan-inspired celebrations and lavish garden weddings. Think ceremonies held on the iconic helipad, where vows are exchanged before the setting sun and dinner is served on the tiled terrace…  

Hinoki and the Bird

A serene space that recalls Japanese gardens and tranquil retreats, Hinoki and the Bird is a Century City venue inspired by trips abroad. Infused with the woody scent of Japanese Cedar, Hinoki and the Bird is akin to a forest garden, where raw timber is adorned with vines that weave through beams and creep down walls. One of our favorite restaurants in LA, we love Hinoki and the Bird for weddings where the food is just as important as the space.  

See also: Tavern / SmogShoppe / Plant Food Wine Venice

Ace Hotel

Housed in the historic United Artists building in downtown LA, the Ace Hotel is our pick for weddings infused with creative spirit. Driven by design and artistic vision, each space in the hotel is distinctively unique. From the opulent interiors of The Theatre, to the industrialized aesthetic of Segovia Hall and the Moroccan-inspired styling of the rooftop bar we love the Ace for sartorially driven weddings of any design.

See also: The Hollywood Roosevelt


A light-filled studio located in the heart of LA, HNYPT (Honeypot) is the perfect mix of clean lines and industrial styling. The space of choice for local artisans and resident creatives, Honeypot’s pared back design lends itself to every aesthetic. Think floral installations hung from exposed beams and ghost chairs arranged on concrete floors; a simple space brought to life by dramatic styling and statement details.

See also: Smashbox Studios / Lombardi House / The Unique Space / Cooper Design Space

Villa Del Sol d’Oro

A replica of Florence’s Villa Collazzi, Villa Del Sol d’Oro is a slice of Italy just 45 minutes from the center of LA. A celebration of classic Italian design, expect stone archways and tiled verandas, expansive ballrooms and a palatial staircase that winds up to the second floor. With gardens reminiscent of Tuscan estates, we’re dreaming of weddings held outdoors, where vows are exchanged amongst tree lined avenues and manicured lawns…

See also: Greystone Mansion / Carondelet House

Malibu Farm

With sweeping ocean views and a soundtrack of gently breaking waves, we love Malibu Farm for weddings that are quintessentially LA. A locally owned business that serves seasonal menus made from organic ingredients, Malibu Farm is perfect for tranquil weddings reminiscent of summer in the Hamptons. Think oceanic décor with whitewashed beams and long wood tables, a muted palette finished with layered linens and feathered blooms.

See also: Shutters on the Beach

Sky Space

A penthouse apartment overlooking the LA skyline, Skyspace is famous for the Perspex slide that is fixed to the outside of the building. Encased in full length windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, every setting offers uninterrupted views of the city horizon. A circular space that surrounds the central lift, we’re dreaming of infinity tables that flow endlessly around the room, of gilded tableware and flickering candles that reflect the city lights…

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