What You Need To Know Before Planning Fireworks

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What You Need To Know Before Planning Fireworks
What You Need To Know Before Planning Fireworks

A spectacle loved by all, a luminous starburst across the sky, the brilliant dazzling light of firework displays never fails to impress and delight.

Though intrinsically festive, a celebratory totem of which we never tire, the intricate web of prohibition surrounding pyrotechnics is sometimes tricky to navigate. 

Local Council: Check firework legality with your local council. Australia law prohibits the use of fireworks without a professional licence. You’ll also be required to notify the council of your intention to use them (you must have a permit so make generous allowances for permit lead times) with further restrictions at the height of summer where the area or climate are particularly dry (no unintended bushfires).

Storage and Supply: Fireworks may also only be bought and stored temporarily by professional pyrotechnics. Storage allowance is a maximum of seven days and so be sure the professional you delegate this to is both local and organised. 

Pyrotechnics: Outside of Australia, firework laws may vary with different restrictions and caveats to the sale, storage and use for special occasions. None-the-less, we always recommend using a professional service for this kind of volatile, potentially dangerous display. This is something you want done properly not left up to an overconfident enthusiast within the family (even on a small scale) with professional services also heavily insured for public liability as well as taking care of the firework retrieval and disposal post display. 

Space allowance: Outdoor firework displays require a clear area with at least a 50 m radius. The space will be assessed prior to the occasion and may be deemed unsuitable if there are any potential hazards. 

Cost: Within Australia, the average budget of a fireworks display at a wedding is between $800-$2,000 AUD but can be upwards of $6,000 AUD depending on size, location and public holidays. Within the USA (though prices range across providers) costing begins at approximately $2,000 USD.

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