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The Reception Playlist
The Reception Playlist

We are long time fans of Van She here in the office (cue memories of dancing to ‘Kelly’ at festivals gone by) so when we heard that founding member Matt Van Schie had taken on a new venture, Tear Council, we were pretty excited! We chatted to Matt, the king of 80’s nostalgia, to get a new take on how you should approach your reception playlist. Matt gave us his ultimate picks & why he believes each song is the perfect addition to your night. It’s a mix of the eclectic classics & some slow burners to take you well and truly into the early hours… we’re envisaging on the sand, bare feet, under the stars, the final moments of the perfect wedding by the ocean. Champagne in hand. 

The Reels / Last Night
This cover is pure romance. I love the original, by The 5th Dimension, but The Reels have taken it to another level. I feel like I'm falling in love every time I hear this song. The melodies are poetry in motion. 

Savage / Only You
Savage is the Italia disco king and everything about this is right. Beautiful instrumentation and clever melodies play off each other. I especially love the 'call and response' vocals in the chorus, it's something I often try to do when writing.

David Bowie / Win
I heard this song when I was a teenager and it was like falling into a dream. It takes me to some wonderful, sleazy paradise where everything is always cool. And I'm a sucker for a sax with lots of reverb. "All you've gotta do is win". 

Bob Welch / Lose Your Heart
It's a great example of how you can create a stirring emotion without having tonnes of layers. Bob Welch is one of my guitar heroes, so tasteful and cool.

Suicide / Surrender
Again, this track is all about where it takes me. I feel like a lost teenager from the 1950's, cruising around in my beat-up convertible with my hair slicked back, longing for the girl of my dreams. Pure love.

Kazino / Binary
I've been in love with this track for a long time. That sleazy, dark disco groove gets me every time. What an amazing club scene this must have been! Simple parts used to dramatic effect with nice reverb and tasteful percussion, something I try to do when writing.

Silicon / God Emoji
Love this track. Great chords, great pro-action and beautiful melodies. One of the dude from Unkown Mortal Orchestra I believe is behind this. 

Schneider TM & Kptmichigan / The Light 3000
One of the best covers ever. Great for driving and getting a little nostalgic.

Bobby Calwell / My Flame
Dim the lights, pour some vino and get romantic. The ultimate end of the night cuddle tune.

Carly Simon / Why
This is simply a great song. The writing/production is sublime and I love the bass especially.

Listen to Matt’s Playlist on Spotify here… 



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