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When we hear Vallis Alps’ effusive vocals and bright, polished beats, our thoughts are carried to golden skies and endless afternoons dwindling into dusk. The talented pair are masters of mood-shifting, so after learning vocalist Parissa Tosif had recently been wed in a Blue Mountains garden ceremony, we jumped at the chance to ask if she’d share with us one of her meticulously compiled wedding playlists. Parissa’s post-ceremony playlist is bursting with jubilant and uplifting tracks, and she was kind enough to reveal details of her wedding and how she chose the soundtrack for such a meaningful moment in her life.

Congratulations on your nuptials! Looking back on it now, how do you remember the day?

It was incredible, it was a real community affair. A lot of people did a lot of things and took ownership of the day, so it wasn’t just about us, it was about this new little unit that was being built within the community with friends and family, so it was really beautiful and joyful – I loved it.

Are there any moments that stand out as particularly magical?

The ceremony was really special for us because we’re both members of the Baha’i faith and in that faith, it’s a really simple ceremony; you say a vow and have to have the presence of two witnesses. The aim of the Baha’i faith is to bring about world unity, and marriage is a cornerstone and a brick in a wall of that symbol, so we had a lot of really beautiful quotes and thoughts from different people, and we had a few of our friends sing a few of our favourite songs. I think it was really magical because it felt like that message was being felt, like everyone that was there felt like a part of the marriage in a way, like it wasn’t just for us.

What exactly was happening while you were playing this playlist?

It was on as straight after we said our vows. As soon as we were officially husband and wife, we wanted to have this really happy, joyful, light atmosphere. We found this incredible Airbnb with something like seven gardens, so we were outside in one the gardens and we had the ceremony under a tree, and then people were able to just relax and hang out and move around and explore. We wanted the playlist to lift everyone up at that moment and I think the songs really did that.

What songs did you absolutely have to include?

There were a few I had in mind from the beginning. “10,000 Emerald Pools” by BØRNS, “5 Years Time” by Noah and the Whale – that one definitely had to be on there, and “Coffee” by Sylvan Esso. They were all - especially “Coffee”, - they all had such a good feeling when it came to our relationship, and we had a lot of memories associated with that particular song. 

What music did you choose for later in the evening?

We had my brother as DJ. He basically just played old school hip hop and random stuff. We had a lot of Jurassic 5 and random trap songs, it was amazing!

Vallis Alps are touring throughout Australia and the US before the release of their new EP, Fable. For tour dates, tickets and more information, visit their website.

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