Cascading Light

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Cascading Light
Cascading Light

For ceremonies unfolding after dark the inimitable glow of massed candlelight, cascading and clustered to decadent effect invites a quiet hush over waiting guests, evoking a certain magic and dark, dramatic romance. Creating an atmosphere bathed in half light that sets the perfect scene in which to exchange vows amidst a spectacular backdrop, surrounded those closest to you.  

Consider creating a sacred space in which to stand, clustering candles in an arrangement suggestive of a circle, a place in which to symbolically enter and exit from. Similarly, lining the aisle or entrance (think sweeping staircases and garden pathways) creates an enchanting statement of arrival, both for guests and the bride. 

Use lighting imaginatively, draping festoon garlands of bare bulbs along the ground or trailing vertically in long tendrils, rather than the traditional loops strung above. Cluster candles generously for maximum effect, embracing irregularity of heights. Think giant cream pillar candles or an abundance of brass candle sticks in varying sizes, lining walls and spilling across floors, amassed to form a magnificent backdrop for ceremonial proceedings. Finally, weave scented candles throughout the space, infusing the ceremony with a fragrance you and your guests will forever attach to this exact memory. 

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