Secluded Sandbanks

— Wedding Ceremony Styling

The transient, ever shifting, ever changing nature of sandbanks gives them certain romance as a wedding ceremony location.

Available only at low tide and otherwise submerged beneath the surface of the sea, these unexpected peninsulas or small sand islands offer an unusual waterwashed backdrop to your ceremony and vow taking. It’s the magic of the invisible shimmering horizon that completely surrounds you, the unearthly placement within the middle of the sea, the difficulty of access and the beauty of its inherent nature - that never again shall it be the same as it was in that moment, on that day, for your occasion. 

Consider carefully, access to and the set up of your ceremony. Timing is everything when using something so fleetingly available as a location and you’ll have to organise transport for your guests, your arrival and a simple setup that can be put up and taken down without much trouble. While some sandbanks are fairly permanent in their protrusion from the water and others still connected to the mainland by a ridge or other form of continued access, it’s worth talking to those in the know about when best to use them and at what time of year. While rough seas are not necessarily of concern in the quiet shoals of most sandbank locals, you don’t want to be caught out in monsoon weather or other meteorological variables.

Famously found in the Philippines, Tahiti, Thailand and the Maldives, see a list below of some of our favourite wedding planners and places to stay in the tropics. 

Take us to Thailand

Tokorki Island Resort

Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa

Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa

Tropical Destinations Maldives

One and Only Hayman Island

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