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Our relationship with food is one so primal, so elemental and so sensate that it acts as a conjurer of memory and an evocation of pleasure. For those truly passionate about it, there is a drive to give poetry to its plating food in a way that leaves an impression - plating synonymous with love, beauty and artistic expression.  

For a wedding or occasion, the presentation of food is an important part of the experience of the day; one of the ways it will be remembered by your guests. A balance of height and texture, color and delicacy, good plating plays on all elements of design to satisfy the palate and excite the senses. 

A deft hand and the consuming drive for perfection, a slight play of whimsy, the inclusion of botanical elements and an ever-present fine design...this is the light-touch of the industry’s heavyweights, their passion, their work, their play.

For a complete list of the chefs and caterers we personally recommend for exquisite bespoke menus and artful plating, visit the Brands We Love.

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