Artistic Charcuterie & Cheese Styling

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Perfect for stand up style events, or a post-ceremony cocktail hour, the Charcuterie and Cheese spread should feel like a work of art. Design a lavish spread with an indulgent selection of sweet, savoury and pickled textures that will keep your guests' satisfied until dinner or well into the night.

Sharp, crumbly wedges of mouth watering Roquefort, soft creamy rounds of camembert, melt in your mouth prosciutto, oozing sticky honeycomb, lusciously sweet figs and hand torn pieces of warm fresh bread, create a visual contrasting feast for your guests whilst also erupting a new flavor dimension.

Choose local, seasonal and artisan produce specifically for its color and texture to evoke intrigue and curiosity. Styled to suit any event, decorate your feast artistically on rustic brass trays or unexpected surfaces of petrified wood and marble offcuts. 

For a list of our most impressive caterers - those able to execute the Charcuterie and Cheese spread at its finest, click through to the Brands We Love here

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