Champagne Cocktails for Every Season

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Champagne Cocktails for Every Season
Champagne Cocktails for Every Season

As the universal beverage of celebration, no occasion seems more suitable than a wedding, to pop the cork on a chilled bottle of Champagne. Delicious all on it’s own, of course, but with the addition of one or two simple infusions of flavour, a cocktail on arrival can transform into a signature drink your guests will remember for years to come, sensorially transporting them, each time they taste elderflower, lavender or peach! If the budget doesn’t stretch to Champagne, sparkling wine and Prosecco are the perfect addition to any of the following cocktails. Each breathtakingly simple, drawing upon seasonal flavours, fruits and flowers for a stunning extension of mood. 

Peach / Add a dash of peach puree (or peach sorbet) to the bottom of each flute, for a classic Summer Bellini.
Lavender / Add a teaspoon of dried lavender to a classic peach puree while simmering. Blend and use in place of straight peach, for a floral (Tuscan!) alternative to a classic peach Bellini. 

Blackberry /  Garnish simply with blackberries for luscious effect. 
Blackcurrant /  Add a dash of blackcurrant liqueur for a Kir Royale, complete with a blackberry garnish. 

Orange & Rosemary /  Add a dash of orange bitters, or orange juice. Garnish with a ribbon of orange peel and rosemary.
Pear & Vanilla /  Add a dash of elderflower syrup or liqueur, a dash of pear juice and garnish champagne saucers with slivers of fresh pear.
Cognac & Currants / A twist on the classic. Soak a sugar cube in Angostura bitters, add a dash of cognac and top with champagne. Garnish with white currants.

Elderflower /  Add a dash of Elderflower liqueur and a ribbon of cucumber to a champagne saucer for a refreshing, floral cocktail
Rose /  For a perfumed prosecco punch, place plenty of ice into a jug, adding a generous dash of a floral infused gin and Cilk Rose Extract to taste. Top with chilled prosseco and garnish each glass with rose petals.

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