5 Photo Booth Alternatives

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5 Photo Booth Alternatives
5 Photo Booth Alternatives

While we love the candid images that unfold from a photo booth format, why not take a fresh approach to wedding fun through re-imagining your backdrops or through other forms of novelty. Here are our top 5 alternatives...

Floral Installations: Decadents walls akin to fashion show favourites. We love cloudy hydrangea banks and opulent daisy-chains of blooms as well as ornate creeping arrangements. A feature on their own that can double as a backdrop to shoot against. 

Wallpaper Murals: Either hung for this purpose or already - conveniently - in situ, we love any choice that lets us indulge in the moody opulence of full-bloom wallpaper for group or couple photos. 

Flower Markets: An inspired novelty and beautifully original experience for your guests, set up a flower market stall from which your guests can choose their favourite blooms to take home on departure.

Exposed Festoon Lighting: Beautifully hung festoons lights filling the shadowed corners of an industrial space, have your photos taken within the surrounding spectacle of suspended stars. 

Time-Worn Patinas: Colour variations within wall rendering, moss coverage and other, time-worn patinas, look to inner courtyards and peripheral surfaces for a beautifully textured backdrop.

Don't forget to consult your photographer regarding light, and your florist, regarding set up. Time allowances, accessibility and light sources need to be planned ahead of time and your team won't thank you if it's sprung on them at the last minute. 

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