All White Bouquets for Diversely Different Weddings

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All White Bouquets
All White Bouquets

Classically bridal, the all-white palette is a long held favourite for bridal blooms. Considering the great diversity within bouquet styles and species selections, however, we wanted to know more about what influences the construction of a bouquet and how it has dramatically evolved from the tight, traditional prototype it once was.

Catching up with standout florist and LANE favourite, BLUSH…known for the ‘x-factor’ and asymmetry of their daring (and deftly woven!) arrangements…we delved into the important details of bouquet creation and what gives all-white florals dimension…

White is obviously a wedding classic, but when it comes to styling a bouquet, how do you add texture and dimension into a colourless palette? With greenery? With scent? With less structured arrangements? 
By combining many floral varieties to create texture and detail. Contrast plays a big part in the dimensional balance and impact of a bouquet. i.e Large blouse-y Roses (& Rose buds), Water Lilies or Dahlias are beautifully paired with wild trailing Stephanotis & Oak leaves. You can create a loose whimsical bouquet or a tight contemporary style as long as you have good variety and size within the individual flower and foliage. 

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Is there a place for single species bouquets?
Nothing is more elegant than a simple, well made bouquet of lush Tulips or White Calla Lilies. Tightly compacted Gypsophila or Lily of the Valley work really well as a single species bouquet as their tiny flowers offer delicate detail.

What dictates the size of a bouquet you're creating? How important is the style and embellishment of a bride's dress to the look and feel of the florals you select? 
The first thing we take into account is the bride’s height and her dress style. We then look at the fabric & how florals might suit any decorative elements. Embellishing the flowers themselves with detail such as a raw, hand-dyed piece of silk or vintage lace, can also beautifully offset the flowers against the dress and enhance the overall look. 

What kind of bouquet would you create to go with a very chic, minimalist look?
If she’s wearing, for example, a fitted silk gown or something similarly sleek and refined, we’d suggest she carry a trailing bouquet of Phalenopsis Orchids.

A more bohemian aesthetic?
For a bride wearing full lace or a luxuriously bohemian dress, we would suggest something more along the lines of a beautiful wild bouquet akin to one made of Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Stephanotis & Fern. 

What about the season? How would an all-white winter bouquet differ from one you'd construct for a summer bride? 
Our approach to bouquets don’t tend to change given the season. The bride’s dress and wedding style has much more of an influence over construction of her bouquet than the season.That said, in winter we would be drawn to Pieris bud, Anemones, Ranuculus, Winter Rose & Camellia whereas in summer, we’d look to blooms such as Peonies, Ornithognums, Viburnum Hydrangea & Green Beach. 

To find out more or contact BLUSH directly, visit their website here or in person through their new, Auckland based concept store at: 76 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand 1052. Alternatively, find BLUSH and other handpicked florists in our Brands We Love directory here

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