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Sculptural arrangements spilling from ceilings, tracing outdoor archways and flowing across tables - we are forever mesmerized by the theater of unexpected florals. These works play up the drama of difference, with arrangements so elaborate, they constitute installation art. 

Trailing tendrils of petals falling from floral canopies evoke a dreamy mood, imaginatively transforming ceremony spaces and adding a lush backdrop for imagery. We love arrangements that stem from nature, complemented by ornate blooms and raw, textural palettes. Cascading blooms loosely placed amongst existing garden plants make for a whimsical transformation of an outdoor setting, while garland-lined staircases create an opulent welcome for guests.

A hanging chandelier of rambling ivy, overflowing orchids and cloudy hydrangea makes a bold statement when suspended above a minimalist tablescape - the perfect dressing for an intimate space. When designing these floral installations, more is more - think vast draping arrangements, bundled blooms, overflowing greenery and abundant foliage. Lush greens juxtaposing massed florals and wispy bunched branches for a sculptural, yet elegant play between textures.

Finding the perfect floral artist to transform your wedding day is no easy feat – be sure to brief your chosen florist, create moodboards and give an overview of the space to ensure installations are designed to complement the setting. See The LANE Brand Directory for a carefully curated selection of our go-to floral stylists. 

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