Chic Minimalist or Wild Romantic? Choosing Valentines Gifts by Personal Style

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The gifts that forever hold a special place in our hearts are less about the object itself, but steeped the intention behind them. Carefully chosen gifts imbued with sentiment speak volumes about how well someone knows you inside. They’re tangible reminders of the time and energy someone has invested into digging a little deeper to find out.

When choosing jewels as gifts for someone you love (or for yourself!), think about the qualities that define you. Look at jewelry as a way of mirroring those intrinsic characteristics through colors, symbols, shapes and textures. Think deeply into the reason you innately gravitate toward particular aesthetics. 

We’ve put together a Valentines Day gift guide in collaboration with Tiffany & Co, pairing jewels we love, to the innate characteristics that define us… 

The Whimsical Purist:

The Whimsical Purist is a dreamer at heart. She’s a beautiful escapist pulled by wildly imaginative thoughts. An elusive free spirit, she has a heart that can’t be caged. She moves through life with an effortless ease.

Drawn to all things ethereal, the Whimsical Purist is swathed in liquid like fabrics, effortless draping, sheer layers and delicate embroidery bleached of color. She’s drawn to silver jewels, oceanic accents, luminous pearls and pieces in fluid shapes.

The Wild Romantic:

The Wild Romantic wears her heart on her sleeve. When she loves, she loves deeply. She wants a wild romance, and a life lived in full spectrum. Her fiery presence is magnetic. She falls hard for the little things, her world a mirror of her innate beauty. A poet, an artist, a day dreamer, a writer, she’s drawn to the things that make her feel. 

Mused by romance she’s drawn to jewels in rose gold tints. She adorns in muted tones that evoke nostalgia, in poetic silhouettes and fabrics that move.

The Celestial Inspired:

The Celestial Inspired delves far beyond her surroundings, acutely aware of life’s little cues and the deeper meaning behind the things that land on her path. She believes that nothing happens by chance and is lead by an innate intuition. She’s a passionate optimist with stars in her eyes. She dreams boldly, with an unwavering belief in the manifestation of thoughts. 

A penchant for the abstract, art and creativity, she’s a collector of amulets and talismans; pieces imbued with story and soul. With an affinity for the night, she’s drawn to jewels in onyx stones, mercurial silvers, moonstone and crystal. 


The Chic Minimalist:

The Chic Minimalist lives every moment with intention. She walks her path with purpose, she knows exactly what she wants. Carefully considered, she’s discerning with what she chooses to bring into her world, but everything that makes her edit is loved passionately and protectively treasured for life. Her life is uncluttered, her mind is clear, her world is a perfect curation of only the purest essentials; a beautiful simplicity.  

The Chic Minimalist lives by a mantra of quality over quantity. Her wardrobe is filled with simple silhouettes, masterfully cut. Drawn to simplicity and minimalism she keeps to monochromatic palettes accented with gilded jewels that are a balance of bold and delicate.

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