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The wild hearted women allured by adventure, driven by a desire to explore, to dream beyond her immediate surroundings. Women who refuse to live within the confines of normality and live passionately in a world filled with magic they’ve been bold enough to create. 

This curious soul is forever collecting and curating, her home is a global infusion of treasures; little reminders of places, people and moments etched in her heart throughout her travels. 

Allured by handcrafted pieces, the Wild Hearted Bohemian gravitates toward objects imbued with story. She prefers quality over quantity, she’s not one to follow trends, she seeks out extraordinary pieces that resonate and hold special meaning and significance. 

When choosing a gift for this mysterious, creatively inspired soul, look for handmade objects, textural palettes, layerings of pattern, curious detailing and effortless silhouettes. Think hand woven embellished blankets and throws, antique worn over-dyed rugs and delicate wall hangings. Luxe objet d’art, aged opaque glassware & jewellery pieces evocative of sculptural art. Intriguing scents and sensory gifts that evoke a worldly mood, beautiful books, hand made journals and anything celestial. Consider textured, dusky, inky tones that layer seamlessly within the bohemian palette balanced with hints of luxuriously aged brass; a fusion of the raw and refined. We’ve put together a list of gift suggestion for the Wild Bohemian in your life… 

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