3 Overlooked Aspects of the Photographic Process

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Overlooked Aspects of the Photography Process
Overlooked Aspects of the Photography Process

There’s a beautiful sensitivity to Amelia Fullarton’s work. Within the stillness of her frames, is  a deft and deliberate attention to detail that feels animate and alive. At once, there’s an intimacy of experience and emotion, an invitation into a private world and personal journey  - an awareness of both the elevated and unexpected moments; a compelling story told in full as it unfolds. 

Intuitive certainly, responsive, there’s no doubt…but what we often don’t see is the many hours and hard work that goes into the process behind the exquisite result we’ve become accustomed to and expect.

In order, therefore, to fully appreciate the importance of booking an experienced photographer for your wedding day, we ask Amelia about the aspects of her role, what we wouldn’t expect (or have overlooked) about the photographic process and why a good photographer is worth every cent.

Being an unobtrusive presence:  Having a wedding photographer on your wedding day shouldn’t have to mean three hour long portrait sessions and someone constantly snapping away in your face. While it’s still important to capture all the moments, for most of us wedding photographers, we hope to do this in a real and natural way, nothing too forced or planned out. Taking a step back, to see your day, through a different set of eyes.

Artful narration and appreciation of unexpected detail: A wedding photographer isn’t just there to take photos, we are there to tell a story. Often l have people saying, “Don’t worry l won’t need a photo of that - whether it be the shoes or the flowers or the food”, but one day you’ll look back at your wedding book, flick through those pages with your children and be so very grateful we were there to tell that story for you.

Editing and selection beyond the day: For most of us, the photography process involves selecting and editing your images from the day. This can be an additional 40+ hours of work. Going through photographs afterwards and chatting with couples it is agreed, sometimes the most imperfect moments are the most perfect. 

To see more of Amelia's work or to make booking enquirings for your wedding, click through to her website here or see our list of handpicked wedding photographers in Brands We Love here

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