The Unseen Story Revealed in Ethereal Captures

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Ethereal Captures
Ethereal Captures

Exquisitely delicate fabrics - so featherweight and lofty that they seem not of this world - provide their own quiet drama as they come to life in the still frame imagery of a roll of film.

Whether decadently beaded or simple and unembellished, it takes a photographer’s eye to recognise and zoom in on the ethereal moments in which the dream-like weightlessness of finespun cloth weaves an otherwise unseen magic. 

A veil caught in the breeze, a ghostly silhouette, the almost surreal majesty of transparent layers and feathery, barely-there detail - an incidental enchantment as seen through the eyes of an artist at work, captured as a shadow-play to the main event but no less steeped in story, in magnificence, in beauty. 

To make contact with those photographers whose work we continue to admire and whose eye continues to capture the beautiful fleeting moment that go otherwise unrecognised, see the list of Photography Brands We Love here

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