In Half Light

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In Half Light
In Half Light

Just as the late painter Van Gogh once noted 'the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day' so too is night photography, painted through the camera. Rich with the gentlest, nuanced gradations of blue and black, hazy mauves and inky shadows, pools of light and and the golden glow of an ombre sky, such imagery enchants and bewitches with its moody, dark romanticism….a certain magic at play in the half light of dusk, a particular magic required to tell such stories through the lens. 

When asked about such light and such moods, Western Australian based LANE photographer Teneil Kable aptly describes and recalls...

'Light by nature can accentuate the tiniest of detail or bathe something in its entirety. It's poetic and dynamic. Light is everything to a photographer and using it can be by choice or by chance. 

One of my most favourite images was created on an engagement session in Melbourne. The light had completely gone and I was forced to think outside the box and ended up using Bvlgari's shop window as my only light source. 

The way it wrapped around them was as if it were the moon, the sheen on their skin, the detail on her lips and every eyelash......all the things he loved about her were accentuated and everything else didn't exist. 

Nothing is truer of life and love than light and shade.' 

If this mood of half light and style of imagery resonate with you, look for a photographer comfortable working in this spectrum, whose imagery speaks directly to you. Convey your vision with your photographer using imagery and inspiration, even cinematic references. Requiring specific times of day, certain spaces, certain light sources and a deliberate approach, the result will be beautifully, darkly romantic memories of this fleeting part of the day, immortalised through imagery.

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