Poetic Frames: A New League of Storytellers

— Wedding Photography

If we could give a single piece of advice for anyone planning a wedding - it's invest in photography. Where budget is concerned, we’ll choose a beautifully simplistic celebration captured through the eyes of an artist, over a lavish and meticulously planned wedding with cliche wedding photography, in a heart beat. When you're new to planning, busily working though a maze of tasks or swept up in the excitement of the aesthetics, photography can often be an after thought. Yet ask any bride who has made the mistake of not investing time and energy into finding the most inspiring photographer they can afford, and they'll tell you it's one of their biggest regrets. 

The wedding industry is spilling with good photographers. But there’s another league of storytellers who can access that rare space, where the true magic lies. The captures you can feel. Sensory details where words don’t suffice. They’re the artists. The poets. The dreamers who transcend any brief or regimented formula, and bend the rules. They trail off to where their eye takes them - lingering on tiny ephemeral details, on spilling light, dancing shadows, on undulating folds of fabric moving light wind. The poetic details that tell a deeper, honest story.

In a crowd of wedding photographers who tempt with lower price points, volume of images and are willing to shoot every moment from dawn until midnight, these powerful storytellers are few and far between. So today we’re celebrating those who move beyond the expected realm of wedding photography, and deliver frame after frame of pure magic. 

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