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In Flight
In Flight

Filled with the spirit of freedom and perhaps, sentimental overwhelm - a moment of true expression animated through movement and cloth as it is swept up behind you and bursts into bloom - the art of motion as a device of story is one that draws beautiful parallels between flourishes of feeling and physical flight. 

With sentiment soaring during the ceremony and the elation and excitement of it all culminating in a barely containable emotional rush, the opportunity to offset some of this excess energy finds itself in the unlikely holding place of wedding photography. Often resulting in beautifully candid, unusually raw images, a bride and her gown captured mid-run, mid climb, mid flight, not only fills each frame with a beautiful dance of light and form but offsets some of the overly-dramatic or stagnant images that can emerge from having to stay in pose for too long. 

A well used method amongst creative directors in editorial shoots for fashion campaigns, talk to your photographer about their experience with this creative expression and how to weave it into the photography of the day. 

For further inspiration, click through the gallery below for a carefully curated selection of frames including those by photographers Teneil Kable, Ali Mitton, Lauren Ross and Erich McVey whose work we always (highly!) recommend but who also know and use this method to its greatest effect. 

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