The Ritual

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The Ritual. Photo by Bek Grace
The Ritual. Photo by Bek Grace

The intimate moment when a bride begins the ritual of dressing for her wedding, is one of the most beautiful and emotion-filled parts of a wedding day. Signifying the end of months of preparation and the final moments before she sees her groom! 

A great wedding photographer knows how to naturally document this significant and intimate moment with a rawness and honesty. Often artistically and with a discrete, fly on the wall eye, they can step back and capture the whirlwind of emotions of that single moment. Excitement, anticipation, vulnerability. They might even use a tightly framed shot, capturing beautiful and intimate details, like the hands of a helping bridesmaid buttoning up the bride's gown or a mother helping place the veil. 

When looking for your wedding photographer, flick through their albums and see which one draws you into this moment. It is a good indication of their eye for telling the significant rituals of your day. 

Here are gallery of beautifully documented images, as well as some editorial shots, that portray this intimate moment perfectly. 

(Also See a list of recommended Photographers in The LANE Directory).

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