The Romance of Rain

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Wedding Photography: The Romance of Rain
Wedding Photography: The Romance of Rain

"The spirit of her invincible heart guided her through the shadows" ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

An ephemeral moment captured against a backdrop of dark moody clouds and delicate falling water, there is an enchanting romance created by rain like nothing else. Deeply dramatic and evocative of spontaneous spirited adventures, we are in love with images that use the elements to add a raw romance to the story of a wedding day. 

Whether it’s falling drops on an isolated canvas, blurs of dancing colours, reflections in puddles or a couple caught up in an unguarded moment completely oblivious to the rain falling around them, there’s a soulful mood to rain photos that can’t be staged or replicated!

While the weather is completely out of your control if you are inspired by these beautiful images make sure you choose a wedding photographer with an amazing creative eye and high energy for creating magic. Look through their portfolio and take note of how they shoot the elements. There’s a definite technical skill to capturing the delicate drops of rain (often done by backlighting and a fast shutter speed)!  

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