8 Chair Styles for a Chic, Monochromatic Wedding

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Borrowing from the clean lines of Scandinavian design, a black and white colour scheme accented with metallics or by other neutral elements, we look to a range of chairs suitable for styling a chic, monochromatic reception. 

From mid-century remakes to the raw edge and geometry of industrial steel frames, the predeterminate to our top eight (see below), was unembellished simplicity. 

Our top 8...

Ghost Chairs: Glassy and transparent , ghost chairs are a minimalist love affair of barely-there beauty - a mirage like presence that offsets glass tableware and the lustre of metallic candlesticks. Perfect for flower-less tables ornamented with layered glassware or organic, crystalline elements. 

Thonet: A true and timeless classic and the chameleon of receptions styling, the Thonet chair’s inherit elegance adapts to any thematic overlay with a black matt or gloss finish particularly appropriate to single toned spaces and monochromatic schemes. 

Industrial: Part raw edged, part geometric, industrial steel framed chairs add an architectural impression to spaces already infused with an element of fine art or design. Think, white washed warehouses, gallery interiors…even rooftop venues in view of big city skylines. 

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Spindle Backed Benches: An unexpected take on table seating that adds comfort and an edge to communal and clustered seating. Staggered around smaller tables, up-style this choice with marble surfaces and natural stoneware for a sense of the luxurious over the rustic. 

Gilded: Adoring the renovated design elements of Parisian restaurant, Anahi, you may need to get painting to recreate the gilded accenting of their ordinary curved back stick chair. An ever so simple detailing that adds opulence, warmth and intimacy to enveloping darker tones and the cooler gallery light of all-white interiors. 

Mid-Century: Going through their own renaissance, replicas of midcentury furniture are known for their curved backs, deep seating and often, soft, plush upholstery. For added comfort while maintaining clean lines and wide supported seating, look to mid-century remakes inline with a sliding greyscale. Variations include, the contrasting effect of leather and wood, moulded white plastic and upholstered velveteen Eames-like dining chairs. 

Harry Bertoia: Deserving a category all of their own, Harry Bertoia’s lattice-like stainless steel designs are widely copied for good reason. With elements of the barely-there ghost chair but decidedly architectural, the geometry and pattern of these en-masse creates an extraordinary visual effect with an edge of originality. 

Leather Banquette: For the plush, masculine look of the club room, we adore moody interiors with darkly stained wood and decadent leather 'booth' seating. A fixture of high end restaurant and old refurbished venues alike, the plain or quilted chesterfield edge of leather banquette seating adds an extra element of decadence. Think, old world heydays re-worked through a modern lens. Dress code: strict black tie. 

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