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Reception Inspiration: Beautiful Decay
Reception Inspiration: Beautiful Decay

Create a mood of mystical romance at your wedding reception by juxtaposing glamourous details against a venue that features beautiful decaying coloured walls. A stunning contrast of rich decadence & earthy decaying textures!

We love the idea of finding a blank space, filled with character and history to style for your reception. The textured walls will provide a gorgeous backdrop and look incredible in photos. 

Think a a beautifully decayed room with peeling aqua painted walls and exposed bricks, romantically decorated with layers of mauve hued rugs & flickering candles. Warm afternoon light pouring through old arched windows. Velvet antique couches, regal tableware, luxe gold trimmed antique crockery. Bridesmaids in deep wine hues & stained lips, a bohemian lace wedding gown & sweeping veil adorned in decadent jewels.

(See a list of stylists in The LANE Directory to help you transform your space). 

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