Flowers of The Sea: Oceanic Alternatives

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The Flowers Of The Sea: Oceanic Alternatives
The Flowers Of The Sea: Oceanic Alternatives

There are few who don’t acknowledge the magic of the sea. Its undulating tides, its mesmerising depths, its crystal blue colour and moody textured waves. Layered with storminess one day and and with the stillness and pale atrium light of glass the next, it’s something you wish you could capture - its spectacle, its essence. 

When hosting a ceremony by the sea, what could be more worthy than a table layered with oceanic alternatives to florals - with iridescent shells, corals and minerals? From oyster and clam clusters to crystalline shards - dark accents and lustrous whites - centrepieces to infuse our senses with the ocean and its spirit. 

Layer your table sympathetically with lightweight linens; draping your cloth organically with opulent, oversized, billowing effect. Look for mother of pearl or aged embossed cutlery - always with silvery or muted metal accents in play to the palette of the ocean and its water-washed hues. 

Dont forget...
Oceanic elements tread a fine line between being breath-taking and original centrepieces and badly 'beachy'. When considering styling these for your reception, steer clear of polished shells that could double as tourist souvenirs. Instead, reach for unexpected variations, to sea fans and oversized, dramatic shapes; ordering more than you think you may need to create bold, visually impressive clusters rather than an underwhelming scattering along a table. Also consider lighting. Interweave with fine tapered candles to create light and ambience - not only does ta his promote shadowplay across texture but creates height variation and a much more visually interesting setting.

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