Movement & Flow

— Reception Trend

Captivated by the quiet beauty of billowing fabric elegantly dancing in the breeze; the mesmerising liquid-like movement so enchantingly sensuous in its display… We are drawn to the idea of incorporating sheer textile drapes into a dreamstate inspired wedding celebration. 

Inspired by the art of motion and the magic of photography in flight, we are in love with the idea of ethereal flowing fabrics in  wedding photos to accentuate those fleeting unrehearsed moments. Swept up in the wind, elegantly tangled.. so effortlessly simple. 

Imagining a grand scale reception in vast timeworn space, drapes of delicate fabric billow and beckon in the subtle breeze of the night, enveloping your guests and creating a sense of intimacy. Perfect for guiding your guests through to different areas within a large indoor venue or as a surprise reveal from cocktail hour through to the reception space. To incorporate into an outdoor event or beachside celebration, secure lengths of crisp white or sheer fabric to a timber or bamboo structure to create a canopy style lounge area, perfect for a balmy summers night.. 

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