Oceanic Receptions Aboard A Sydney Super Yacht

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Oceanic Receptions
Oceanic Receptions

While we’re forever drawn to beachside ceremonies and clifftop weddings, there are times when we crave total immersion. To feel the rhythm of the waves and the movement of the tides, to be lost in seas of cerulean blues and emerald greens.

Inspired by our New Year's Party aboard the Oscar II, we’re dreaming of weddings held on luxury boats and superyachts. Of intimate receptions in the most lavish of settings, soirees with rolling views and shifting scenes.

Float amongst shadows of skyscrapers and dance over rolling tides. You are but a private island, a collection of souls reveling in a world of your own, a luxury escape complete with sunset skies and kaleidoscopic views.

Think daytime receptions spent sailing the seas. Effortlessly indulgent and timelessly chic. Guests lounging on striped recliners and dining on the deck. When it comes to styling, opt for nautical gone luxe. Keep to oceanic palettes of moody blues and shades of white, colours manifested in layered linens and pearlescent finishes.

As moments melt away and the skies begin to darken, look for lights strung around railings and cushions strewn on the deck. Think romantic nights slinking around the harbour, toasting to your wedding before a revolving backdrop of metropolitan vistas. Keep styling to a minimum and channel city aesthetics with clusters of candles and gilded accents.

Set the mood with DJ-mixed tunes in blissful melodies and entrancing rhythms. Encourage lavish debauchery and gift your guests bespoke monogrammed plimsolls – boat friendly footwear to facilitate all-night dancing.

For endless nights and infinite celebrations, keep the party going and reserve your boat for an extended sitting, starting your honeymoon early in one of the palatial suites nestled below deck.

For indulgent receptions held on the water, Oscar II is our pick for unparalleled luxury and chic décor - the perfect place for languid days and nights of revelry to unfold. We recently experienced a day on this stunning super yacht, noting a few key factors for planning a reception here:

Need To Know

Our afternoon aboard the Oscar II began from the wharf at the Star Casino, but the boat can dock all around Sydney, including King Street Wharf, Rose Bay and Double Bay. We love the idea of weddings that start in the city, daytime affairs that move from cosmopolitan views to idyllic paradises. Think anchoring at a private beach, vows exchanged overlooking turquoise waters and white sands… With a minimum four hour hire, there’s plenty of time to discover hidden beaches and secret alcoves.

Spaces & Capacity

While we love the idea of floating receptions, our adventure has us dreaming of other celebrations we can hold on the seas. Able to accommodate up to 64 guests for a cocktail party, think bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners, or lazy afternoons spent coasting the harbor…


Our afternoon on the Oscar II was punctuated by palatable dishes prepared by an executive chef. We dined on a bespoke menu of Atlantic Salmon and pureed cauliflower, sirloin paired with charred vegetables and tempura bay leaves. Dessert was an array of flavors, think eton mess and chocolate fondant, plates served with licorice ice cream and passionfruit segments. When it comes to your event, dishes can be chosen from an impressive menu comprising of canapés, buffet options and a la carte. Meals can be paired with wines selected from the vessel’s extensive wine list.


The Oscar II is fully crewed with personable staff able to cater to your every need. Expect attendants on hand to refill champagne classes and hand out canapes, whether you be lounging on the stern or dining on the upper deck.

Offering a multitude of luxury features, think outdoor spas and striped recliners on the sun bridge, cocktails served from the aft deck and dips taken from the swim board… 

Discover more or make a booking on the Oscar II website

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