The LANE x Bliss & Bone. A Celestial Collaboration.

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Bespoke Re-Imagined, with Bliss & Bone
Bespoke Re-Imagined, with Bliss & Bone

Existing as an otherworldly island amidst a sea of sameness in stationery, the bold designs of Bliss & Bone offer a darkly beautiful aesthetic, perfect for the non-traditionalist bride. As a kind of intriguing antidote to more expected, overtly feminine designs, the pair behind this brand draw inspiration from everywhere, except the wedding industry itself. This philosophy (so closely aligned to our own approach) results in an effortlessly luxe aesthetic, like no other. As a natural choice for our creative partners in crime, we’re extremely excited to announce a collaboration together. 

Following our last coffee date, our minds raced with possibilities for their extraordinary Design Your Own concept, an innovation and an idea underpinned by the chic graphics and signature effects we love. This is bespoke stationery, minus the lengthy timelines and much of the associated costs. Perhaps most crucially for busy brides, it also addresses the question of ‘where do I even begin?’ with so many exquisite options to draw upon, and then completely customise as your own. So excited were we by the entire concept, we wanted in. And a LANE x Bliss & Bone collaboration was born.

Working on two very special designs with Bliss & Bone’s creative half Cindy, we sought to infuse celestial accents with a signature boldness, translating otherworldly inspirations into a tangible prelude for guests…a hint of the celebratory magic to come. As a distillation of the kind of stationery we dream of for our own weddings, these designs weave together darkness and light with an unspoken subtlety and mystique. 

Compiling a mood board of favourite references, we looked to iconic moments in fashion, as well as more abstract inspirations: the beautiful practise of Kintsugi, the ethereal patterns of the night sky, of beauty hiding in unexpected places. Seeking to evoke a mood of enchantment and mystery, these shapeshifting designs allow for unique projections…to see in their markings whatever you choose to see. 

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Overlaid with a bold metallic font or the delicate hand penned ink of a master calligrapher, finished suites effortlessly shift between a mood of modernity or magical mystique. The journey is a bespoke one after all. 

We imagine the celestial design befitting a star dusted celebration…an ethereal gown, bridesmaids dusted in sequins, a reading by Anais Nin, a canopy of fairy lights, endless champagne and dancing on an empty beach until dawn. 

The design of molten cracks we envisage as the perfect prelude to of a magical city celebration. All luxe finishes of copper candles lining a moody tablecscape dressed with charcoal linen, perfumed blooms and a bridal party of black silk and gilded crowns. 

Choose your own stationery adventure with the infinite possibilities of these customisable suites. Explore the entire collection of designs, including these two LANE x Bliss & Bone collaborative suites on Bliss & Bone’s Design Your Own

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