Watercolour Workshop & Winter Lunch by the Sea

— The LANE Event

Forever inspired by our oceanic setting, its changeable sunlit wintry landscape of shifting light and chameleon like colours, the ever present pull of the tides and scent of salt air…our minds wandered to the possibility of a June afternoon spent amongst like minded women, celebrating the sea. 

Each with a unique affinity for the ocean, we gathered over ink and blank pages, cocktails and brushes for a watercolour workshop led by calligrapher extraordinaire Cass Deller. Deftly demonstrating the most fluid of strokes, taking brush to paper with an enviable ease, we explored each of the techniques…a bleeding together of colours and sprinklings of salt (for surprising results!), allowing the simple materials to weave their own magic when mixed with water…all unfolding to a soundtrack of laughter at initially less than perfect attempts and vows not to resign from our day jobs!  

Taking cues from our natural surroundings, the colour palette of soft sand, seagrass tints of greys and greens, inks and silvery oysters, the weathered texture of timber, marbled patterns and tumbled sea glass, tables were styled and set in a layering of materials evocative of sand and sea. Sourcing hand tinted silks, scalloped stemware, a local ceramicist to craft organic, liquid like plates and a cascading tumble of candles and pearled shells, our mermaids table was set, awaiting only good company and an incredible lunch. 

Briefed on an elegantly natural menu drawn from (or evocative of) the sea, Byron Bay locals Anise Catering personified and exceeded our food styling, and flavour expectations. Working collaboratively with our plate maker (an exquisite partnership resulting in customised shapes and textures to simultaneously showcase food & design, layering effortlessly amidst the landscape of the table) we were treated to dish after dish of delicate creation, a subtlety and restraint paired with the most artful of presentation. 

Baby gem lettuce, Queensland spanner crab, sorrel cream and shellfish mayonnaise
Galette of salmon and horseradish with tarragon
Lunch…beginning to end
Hamachi in cucumber coal, white radishes, apple and buttermilk, dill and samphire.
Fresh water Balmain bug, salt baked Newrybar carrot, garden nasturtium, almond snow and anise hyssop.
Reef fish with winter flowers, endive, lemon verbena and textures of white asparagus.
Whipped chevre and dried winter berries.
Passion fruit and basil Pavlova’s.
Winter milk and warm honey with sunflower and chamomile. 

Styling The LANE
Photography Cassandra Ladru
Videography Joseph Willis
Calligraphy Workshop Cass Deller
Catering Anise Catering 
Watercolour Table
Marbled Vessels Made of Australia
Ceramic Vases & Jars St Barts
Glass Jars Hampton Event Hire
Sea Glass Bottles Palace & Co
Benches Arctic Fox Hire 
Lunch Table
Plates Marloe Morgan Ceramics
Napery Silk & Willow
Cutlery Palace & Co
Stools Bisque Interiors
Water Antipodes 
Alcohol Noble Spirits
Salt Spray Herbivore Botanicals
Sea Salt Harvest Newrybar
Salted Chocolates Winnow Chocolates
Pearl Pins Whirligig Bridal

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