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Joel Tronoff Videography
Joel Tronoff Videography

Continuously inspired by cinematic sequences, by the art of picture in motion and the strength of its storytelling, good videography invites us into another world - a world both intimate and emotive.

Capturing the raw moments as they unfold, a tender candour told with mood and sensitivity, the deftly woven work of cinematographer, film maker and wedding videographer, Joel Tronoff, feels intuitive and enthrals from the very first frame.

Probing into the passion behind the process, into the influence of light and the documentary quality of film, we asked Joel about the special beauty of the medium he uses and for insight into the narrative tools of his trade. 

To see Joel's diverse range of work, click through our gallery of videos below...

What makes you so passionate about film and videography? What made you fall in love with the medium to begin with? 
I love storytelling. I think cinema can evoke so much emotion for the audience, and capture so many true memories. I love being able to take people away into a world of their own, falling in love with beautiful imagery and the raw emotion it implores.   

For a bride, what does the moving image offer that a still frame can’t as a tool of narrative in the story-telling of her wedding day?
The moving image is genuine in its storytelling of the day. The spontaneous responses behind a tear, a smile, a hug, a raw moment are often easier to capture through film as opposed to a still frame. Every wedding is different. Every bride and groom have a unique personality and I believe that film can reflect this.  

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There’s a cinematic quality to film that’s alive with emotion and atmosphere. How does the medium drive mood and create intimacy of experience? Are there devices that you use? Details you look for? 
It's such a privilege to film a couple's wedding. A bride dreams about her wedding day for years, and when that day finally arrives, I want to make sure I capture everything thats special about it. I use the natural lighting, cinematic framing and movement to create a personalised memory. After all the filming is complete, the edit begins. This is where the story comes to life. I believe my organic editing style truly allows the emotion and atmosphere to come through in the film, as I piece together the special moments and build an epic love-story.    

 What’s the usual running length of a wedding film or video? Budget? 
My films run from anywhere between 4-10 minutes, depending on the brides budget and requirements, but they often go a little over when theres too many moments to retell. I can usually make a movie to any budget, as I don't want any bride to have to forgo this type of investment. 

If you could sum up your style of film in 3 words, what would they be?
Honest. Emotional. Beautiful.

How does a bride contact you? Where are you based? What's the process behind booking a videographer for your wedding? 
I have the privilege of living in sunny Brisbane, Australia. I love having the opportunity to film in beautiful places locally, interstate and internationally. Brides can contact me through my website here or directly via email at [email protected]. Booking a wedding through me is as easy as sending me an enquiry with your wedding date and location. 

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