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Lane's handpicked selection of the most stylish
brands and services the wedding industry has to offer

  • Paper DollsPaper Dolls

    Paper Dolls

    Paper Dolls create bespoke wedding invitations, coordinating stationery and styling details. Creating a meaningful wedding involves paying attention to all the little things. This is an opportunity to tell your story and reflect something of who you are as a couple on your big day. This story begins the first moment your guests receive a beautiful invitation in the mail. We will work to ensure that the day you are imagining becomes a reality. We are the “reliable” bridesmaid- you know the one who doesn’t let you down and gets everything done behind the scenes…

    Location: Australia (all states)
  • The Print FairyThe Print Fairy

    The Print Fairy

    It's easy to fall in-love with The Print Fairy style of invitation. Our bold typography and sublime colour offerings has become our signature. We’re convinced we have the largest range of on-trend wedding stationery available in Australia. Our customisation process lets you select your own colours, wording and card stocks. So while you may be choosing an ‘off-the-rack’ design, your invitation will be anything but ordinary. If you want something unique, trust our popular custom design service to deliver an unforgettable package.

    Location: Australia (all states) Worldwide
  • Erin PetsonErin Petson

    Erin Petson

    Erin Petson is an acclaimed illustrator famous for fusing painting and fashion with a light touch. Commissioned by everyone from Dior to McCartney to Vogue, she is one of the leading lights of the British illustration renaissance. Described as ‘breathtaking portraits’, her love of drawing, montage and mark-making flows through a prolific body of work that has encompassed fashion, fine art and a new realm somewhere in between. Delicate and provocative, with an almost paper-doll like effect, Petson uses white space to create drama and tranquility in equal measure. April 2014 sees the introduction of Erin’s private commissions for Brides.

    Location: Worldwide
  • The Little PressThe Little Press

    The Little Press

    Inspired by all things wanderlust, The Little Press creates unique letterpressed designs, which are full of a free-spirit vibe. We love using elements of hand drawn typography and illustration in our designs to give a personal touch, with an eco-friendly conscious. We are for the dreamers, the wanderers and the free spirited couples, who want their wedding stationery to set the tone of their unique wedding day.

    Location: Australia (all states) Worldwide
  • Type StyledType Styled

    Type Styled

    Type Styled specialises in creating truly imaginative couture stationery. We house a range of inspiring ready to order collections and are expert at designing exquisite, tailored creations. At Type Styled we love to push the boundaries of typography and design, creating cutting edge work that encapsulates timeless sophistication. From a stunning invitation to on-the-day accents that bring style and colour into your special day, we are sure you’ll love the experience of our craftsmanship, timeless quality and authentic style.

    Location: Australia (all states)
  • The Jaques StudioThe Jaques Studio

    The Jaques Studio

    Love unfolds in a beautiful story and The Jaques Studio's expertise lies in creating an exquisite story and capturing it in a range of stunning wedding stationery lines that will leave you breathless! With their first Collection; 'Sea Dreaming' and other collections on their way; The Jaques Studio take their inspiration from nature, soft colours and the beauty of life, with exquisite hand drawings and typography, their creations tell a unique story and will be the talking point of all your family and friends.

    Location: Australia+

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