Spiga solitaire ring in platinum with round brilliant cut diamond. Available from 0.30ct. The 'wheat stalk', or spiga in Italian, is the symbol of fertility and promise contemporary in design yet ancient in symbolism.

About Bulgari

The Bulgari Diamond Collection conveys the utmost prestige and style: marvellous stones are set on necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets with a varying and unmistakable design inspired by geometry and architectural motifs. A kaleidoscope of beauty radiating light and exclusivity, a symbiotic matching of bold design and absolute preciousness. 


Also the jewels with floral inspiration are characterized by a precise study of balance between empty and full. The lightness of the elements and softness and flexibility of the junctions give the jewels an exceptional and vibrating sensuality. 


With the Diamond Collection, Bulgari celebrates a significant expansion of what has naturally always belonged to the contemporary jeweller, but which today sees a complete new range of diamond creations. Bulgari plays with exceptional stones featuring all sorts of cuts, from the classical round to a flurry of fancy shapes: emerald, heart, marquise, oval and pear - set on more creative to streamlined designs.

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