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30 European Wedding Photographers & Videographers

An edit of some of our favorite Europe and UK based wedding photographers and videographers…

As fleeting as it is magical, a wedding is a beautiful whirlwind. In the lead up to your day, a plethora of details are meticulously designed, so much time, effort and money invested. Yet come the event, everything flashes by in an instant. What took months to plan takes only moments to pass by, which is why finding an incredible wedding photographer and videographer is so essential. They’re the artists who immortalize the magic, crafting soulful frames that tell your love story and depict the day as it unfolds…and they don’t skip on the detail.

A continent spilling with inimitable venues, delicious cuisine and a cultural DNA as inspiring as it is enlivening, it’s to no surprise that so many couples journey across the globe to exchange vows in Europe. With so many creatives dotted between its borders, it can seem overwhelming on where to start the search for the perfect photographer and videographer. With this in mind, we compiled a list of some of our favorites based in Europe and in the neighboring UK…

(Above image: Kreativ Wedding)

Giuseppe Marano

Coralie Monnet


Capturing the beauty and the drama, the intimate moments and intricate details, photographers are the poets that artistically paint a picture of your wedding. Combining light, tone and composition with an instinctual eye for extracting the rawest, most meaningful of moments, their role is pivotal in documenting the day.


Dos Más En La Mesa

Joanna Brown

Giuseppe Marano

Chloé Lapeyssonnie

Emilie White

United Kingdom

Cinzia Bruschini

Emilie White

Benjamin Wheeler

Joanna Brown

Coralie Monnet


Greater Europe

Aase Pouline – Sweden & Denmark

Days Made of Love – Greece

Marilyn Bartman – Netherlands

Nancy Ebert – Germany

Irina & Matej – Croatia

Johanna Rosenlew – Finland

Danilo & Sharon – Serbia & Sweden

Anna Visintin


Videographers are the storytellers that delve far beyond just documenting a wedding. They unearth a celebration’s sensory details, evoking a sense of tangibility, a realness. From the scents to the sounds, their role is to palpably convey feeling and authenticity as they cinematically string each moment together.


Story of Eve


Monika Frias


Kreativ Wedding

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