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Our edit of effortless bridal dresses ready to shop for an impulsive elopement and beyond.

Fuelled with intimacy and connection, an intoxicating romance stripped of all fancifuls down to a raw and pure experience shared between two fated lovers. Once reserved for the ever impulsive or demure, elopements have transcended time to become a modern alternative to a tradition once steeped solely in ritual and routine.

For many right now, an elopement is an unexpected ‘Plan B’, unable to see out tirelessly planned celebrations, cross seas or state-lines to share the day with loved ones amid Covid-19. Yet with this heartbreak comes a welcomed silver lining, an opportunity to share a sentimental moment with your partner without distraction or overwhelming budgets.

Without months of planning up your sleeve, finding an elopement dress on a whim can be difficult at best. So here, we’ve done the leg work for you and have edited 30 of our favorite dresses fit for a bride ready to shop and ship online now for your elopement… no waiting needed.

Albus Lumen

Lover of Mine Photography

“All I need is the stars, the moon, the sea, and your hand in mine.”
– Mark Anthony

With elopement dressing comes a more effortless, subtle approach. All the rules of bridal dressing goes out the window, and instead comfort and confidence takes reign. Constricting bridal gowns make way for light, easy to wear fabrics of silk and diaphanous chiffons, falling from the female form into flattering silhouettes. The key here is to opt for simplicity, styles that you can dress up for your elopement with accessories – think bold Baroque earrings, statement heels or sculptural blooms – or dress down for your next vacation and wear time and time again to cocktail celebrations.

Rabih Kayrouz

Albus Lumen




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