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New York Bridal Week Spring ’20 Report

FashionRunway & Backstage

An elegant and restrained approach to bridal for a highly wearable season.

New York Bridal Week Fall ’19 Highlights

FashionRunway & Backstage

We edit our favorite bridal trends from each designer for the season.

New York Bridal Week Fall ’20 Report

FashionRunway & Backstage

A season of contrasts and unpredictability with dreamy dramatic gowns to more subdued elegant separates, we highlight our favorite looks and trends for Fall '20 Bridal...

New York Spring ’19 Bridal Week Editor’s Diary

Our little black book of favorite haunts across New York city.

New York Fall ’19 Bridal Week Editor’s Diary

New York Fall '19 Bridal Week Editor's Diary We explore undiscovered emporiums, magical venues and quaint, soulful bars across the city that never sleeps

NY Spring ’18 Bridal Week Highlights


NY Spring '18 Bridal Week Highlights A shift from traditional to wildy artistic and ethereal

The Mews Bridal Boutique Launches in NYC


A breathtaking NYC loft, the perfect immersion of New York character & soul with French elegance.

Prea James Harmony II Collection


The effortlessly chic designer debuts her new season of silken separates, sultry cut-outs and elegant gowns at New York Bridal Week...

Naeem Khan Spring ’20 Bridal

FashionRunway & Backstage

An exclusive behind the scenes look at the designer's new collection inspired by unique corners of the world.

Mira Zwillinger Spring ’20 Bridal

FashionRunway & Backstage

Mira Zwillinger Spring '20 Bridal A return to a poetic ethereality and refined subtlety for the season...

A Visit to Spina Bridal Boutique in NYC


A Visit to Spina Bridal Boutique in NYC We chat all things Spina with founder Giselle on the eve of the boutique's first anniversary

Livné White Spring ’20 Bridal

FashionRunway & Backstage

Livné White Spring '20 Bridal An orchestra of weightless silks, clouds of tulle and whisper-thin lace

An Elegant Italian Celebration


2010, when still in Rome. After two years we moved in together, to Tuscany first and then to New York where we currently live.   Our Engagement Story On Ersilia’s birthday we went to the opera at the Metropolitan in New York and right outside the theater Lucio got on one knee and proposed

Refined Minimalism in Perth


Our Engagement story... We travelled to Europe together with a group of our closest friends for Christmas and New Year’s in 2015. Part of Michael's grand proposal plan was to part ways with our friends in Rome and drive up to Florence. We hired a car and set off on our journey north, arriving

A Serendipitous Garden Celebration


to moving into a Bondi Beach share house. At this point, I had only met one of the new housemates so we arranged for me to meet the others one evening after work. I remember the exact moment that my ‘new housemate, Jason’ introduced himself. He smiled at me and I just melted. I’d

A French Chateau Wedding 


so many people inside, I thought he would never see me, but then suddenly he screamed out, “F**k New York, it’s all about L.A.” and our eyes immediately met. My mind was blown, I thought, “Does he know me?”. But it was just fortuitous timing. He and his friends joined me and my friend

A Serendipitous Hinterland Soiree


had rained all week so we had to move it undercover. The ceremony actually looked beautiful in the new location despite my hesitation to move it last minute. The aisle had two beautiful urns on either side and we positioned a beautiful green arch at the end which was complimented by the surrounding greenery.

A Dreamlike Destination Wedding


Jewellers. My bag was a gift from my best friend that she had made by her friend in New York, designer Edie Parker. Inside the clutch was a blue love heart, also made by Edie as my ‘something blue’ for the day. My ‘something old’ was a chain of Rosary beads that once belonged

A Dreamlike Italian Celebration


Again, I did my own makeup after a crash course from a close friend and make-up artist in New York. I went for a soft, natural look with a bold lash and rose coloured eyeshadow.

An Afternoon of Artisanal Jewels in the Mia Chicco Studio


the usual timeframe to create an engagement ring? I do have clients that request a ring within a week or two, which happens more often than you would think! Of course, I generally accommodate but I usually say 4-6 weeks is a good time frame. It depends, if they know exactly what they want

Rustic Simplicity in Puglia


style of the dress went hand in hand with the location and feel of our wedding. Although a new dress, I almost felt like I was wearing a vintage Italian number. I also went with this style because I was petrified I’d be boiling hot and it was so light and comfortable.   Bride's

Effortless Bohéme in the South of France


Engagement story... We had just moved to Los Angeles from Sydney and always wanted a white Christmas in New York. Christopher surprised me by proposing in Central Park near the Boat House. There was a beautiful completely random string quartet playing under the bridge while he asked me to spend the rest of my