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A Gilded Garden Celebration

Christine & Duncan by Lelia Scarfiotti

Inspired by the raw simplicity of bohemian luxury, Christine & Duncan exchanged vows between elegant willow branches in Tuscany. The Bride celestial in a delicate golden gown, glimmering with metallic inclusions and coppery silks.

Effortlessly celebrated in a nearby garden, the reception was transformed into an opulent soiree, a seemingly infinite tablescape spilled with metallic tableware paired with inky linens and pastel botanicals.

Beautifully told by LANE handpicked photographer, Lelia Scarfiotti 

Our Story

Names / Christine & Duncan

Wedding Date / September 10, 2016

Guest Numbers / 40


How we met…

We met at the Natural History Museum in New York. We both remember the exact moment we saw each other and it’s a moment I think about all the time, and I never get tired of telling the story.


Our Engagement Story…

Duncan is from England and I am American. The year we met, he spent flying to and from London and New York so we could see one another. For valentines, we spent a lovely long weekend in Paris together and after learning that my UK visa was unable to be renewed, I asked when we would be able to be together again. Duncan replied so simply and so confidently ‘I think we should get married, then we never need to worry about not being together’ and so we did.


Marriage to us means…

Devoting your life to loving and understanding one another, and supporting what each of you most want from your time on this earth.

The Details



I once lived in Italy and my father’s family is Italian, so I knew I wanted to give our wedding guests an excuse to experience what an inimitable destination it is. Duncan and I traveled through the countryside in search of venues and found Borgo Stomennano in Monteriggioni, Tuscany. When we drove down the dusty poplar-lined road to this incredible family owned villa, we felt what everyone does when they visit, how exceptionally grand it all was with surprises at every corner, and how comforting it was to be in this perfectly private ‘magical’ place torn from the pages of a folktale. Luisa and her family accommodated our every request; their warmth, kindness, and helpfulness were unmatched. They gave the best wedding we could have ever asked for by sharing the beautiful and unforgettable place they call home.



The inspiration was very site-specific and was a reflection of the stunning architecture and surroundings. From the outside, the villa resembled ancient rustic ruins, but inside is so surprisingly glamorous. The theme was to blend antique rustic ideas and unexpected exotic elements. We used metallic notes throughout to add a celestial colour scheme with endless gold and silver touches, wildflowers everywhere, a ‘mess of candles’ and beautiful handmade objects.



Of everything we had to plan, the photography was the most important part, which is why we specifically choose Lelia Scarfiotti. The first time I saw Leila’s mesmerizing photography I was brought to tears and I knew she had to be our photographer. Lelia was an absolute goddess through the entire process. When it came to the wedding weekend, she helped us feel comfortable in every way,  even moments before walking down the aisle. Anything Leila photographs becomes a work of art. Whilst I myself have studied photography for years, I have never come across another photographer who uses such a quiet and pictorial depth of field to make every moment captured seem like the most important moment. I strive to make images like Lelia does, and when I look at the way she viewed our special day, I feel even more honoured that her images are my own memories. With her photographs, we have a tangible means to show others how beautiful these moments truly were to us. Leila’s photography is the most meaningful gift and beautiful reflection of the start of our lives together.