Inside HLSK Jewelry’s New Melbourne Boutique

A refreshingly contemporary experience in HLSK’s new flagship High Street store, marked by their just launched bespoke service & champagne diamond collection.

Stepping into HLSK’s new High Street boutique is like entering an Alexis Christoduolou dreamworld. Aging wildflowers line the walls, artfully arranged into a garden of gradating pastel rainbows. Majestic arches and curved architecture brushed in Venetian plaster so poetically bend and sculpt the space. Bouclé lined armchairs & abstract marble counters foster conversation, while a bounty of jewels sit pretty amongst gilded cabinets. There is a real contemporary, youthful, of the now feel to the boutique that is a far cry from the usual traditional, overtly uptight and often outdated experience that we tend to associate with fine jewelers. But then again, HLSK has never been any of those things.

Over the years, we have come to know and love HLSK for their refreshing and modern approach to fine jewelry, crafting artistically adorned pieces with unique gem pairings, always with viable price points and sustainability front of mind. Their new creations are no exception, now offering a bespoke service and a beautiful just launched champagne diamond collection both in-store and online. We caught up with HLSK designer and founder Hannah Stewart to find out more about these new offerings and this new chapter for HLSK… 

We’ve fallen endlessly in love with HLSK since our peek into your studio last year… we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to since?

We have been very busy since then, and I’m extremely proud to say we have opened up our dream retail space! Although last year gave us a few curve balls and made it difficult to operate as normal, we’re extremely lucky we have such a strong relationship with our clients, suppliers and an amazing team at HLSK who all made this possible.

Congratulations on the new boutique! Tell us a little about the space and what couples can expect to experience in store?

My concept for the new store was ‘relaxed luxury’. We combined natural materials such as marble, American oak wood, and linen with organic textures like Venetian plaster throughout the entire space. To tie all these elements perfectly together I opted to use brass detailing in the wall displays and ceiling-mounted mirrors. The store is furnished with fluffy white Pierre Paulin armchairs and a gorgeous sand-colored chaise so our customers can relax and enjoy the space.

It feels so welcoming and warm which I think is very important, in particular when choosing an engagement ring as this is something deeply personal to every couple. We have the full collection on display as well as bespoke consultations.

Excitingly, you also have a new engagement collection in-store! We’re always fascinated by the details which inspired the thoughts whilst designing. What were you listening to, reading, or watching which infused your imagination and resulted in shaping these pieces?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from architecture, fashion, art, and of course nature’s beautiful landscapes. Looking at my champagne diamond designs they encompass a sense of warmth with golden hues like our new store and the beach at sunset where I reside. I find if I am really inspired by a certain aesthetic or feeling at the time it navigates its way into my designs. My new one-of-a-kind pieces have a sense of vintage nostalgia, using emerald-cut sapphires, diamonds, and other rich colored stones. I wanted to create pieces that feel like they have a sense of belonging and wonder to someone.

For those lovers who’d preferred to create something unique to their love story, we’d love to understand the process of your new bespoke offering. Can you explain what couples can expect when designing with you? What are the price points like?

We love collaborating with clients to create bespoke pieces, each creation is such a labor of love. Starting with asking each client to give as much detail as possible. Even if they’re not sure where to start, a simple color scheme or shape begins the creative process. From there we work within the client’s budget selecting the highest quality materials in their chosen carat, cut and color, etc. Pricing varies depending on each client’s needs ranging from $1,000 – $20,000 with the flexibility that we don’t require a minimum spend.

What advice would you give to couples finding or designing the perfect ring to solidify an engagement?

Try not to follow trends and do not worry yourself with others’ opinions. You’re going to wear this ring for the rest of your life, so choose something that’s special to you, crafted properly and remember to enjoy the experience, taking as much time as you need to create your dream ring. Most qualified jewelers are extremely knowledgeable so use this to your advantage and garner as much information as you can in regards to budget and materials to aid in designing your keepsake.

To shop the full HLSK collection or book a consultation, visit the boutique at 1033 High Street, Armadale or via the HLSK website. 


Photography / Chloe May

Floristry / Everbloome



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