An Intimate Oceanic Elopement

Two seaside shoots collide in this offering of oceanic inspiration – where littoral surroundings, dreamy styling, and poetic frames deliver a dreamscape of coastal romance.


Clashing hearts and crashing waves. Windswept words and salt-soaked kisses. We’re forever romanced by moments of love celebrated by the sea; allured by the poetry of promise proclaimed by an endless ocean, of vows exchanged barefoot in the sand.

Here, two seaside shoots collide in this offering of oceanic inspiration, where littoral surroundings, dreamy styling, and poetic frames deliver a dreamscape of coastal romance. A visual feast spilling with artistic, moody design, perfect for an elopement, proposal or intimate gathering serenaded by the undulating shoreline…

Inspired by the wild, rugged terrain of Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, the creative duo behind Sir Ivory harnessed their surrounding’s natural beauty with a fresh composition of curated styling.

A moody palette of black, silver, luminous whites and pearly greys set the tone for the calming tablescape of selenite votives, crushed raw silk, metallic ceramics, and black glass. What ensued? A treasure trove-like tableau as if plucked straight from the ocean floor.

Allow your oceanic inspiration to take over and lead your styling approach – think of what the sea, sand and cliffs truly are and follow their guide. Raw, untamed, rugged, wild, soothing, calming and contrasting.
– Sir Ivory

Lane favorite photographer Chloe May teamed up with The Petal Project and Alexandra Creative to deliver another exquisite example of a moody seaside celebration, this time taking us along the untamed coastline of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Winding alongside the windswept Southern Ocean with its rugged cliffs, empty beaches, and sleepy seaside towns, this location boasted a raw, untamed beauty that was mirrored and enhanced by artful styling.

“Always work with your surroundings – you want to enhance them, not take over, to complement all elements. Sometimes keeping things clean and simple goes a long way and anything en mass always has an impact.”
– The Petal Project

A fresh palette of white garden roses danced in the wind, and soft clouds of hydrangea edged onto the sea-soaked rocks. Unstructured, wild, and effortless arrangements created an organic movement that complemented the natural surrounds, punctuated by modern decor to infuse an element of contrast.

Byron Bay Shoot

Photography and Styling / Sir Ivory

Decor / Rosie Pose Event Hire

Tablewares / The Romance


Great Ocean Road Shoot

Photography / Chloe May

Creative Concept & Styling / The Petal Project, Alexandra Creative

Flowers / The Petal Project

Stationery / Alexandra Creative


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